How To Organize Your Desk + A Free Printable

Hi lovely friend,

So I'm really getting a head start on my 2015 Goals list you can find here. I'm powering through (well as fast as I can, and my bank account will let me - hehe), some of my home projects. You also saw my jewellery corner I made for the bedroom here. Now that I have conquered the, run screaming and hide office desk I am much happier with that space. This part of my home has been driving me bonkers. I'm almost embarrassed to have people over and I tend to just ignore it because it gives me that much anxiety. It has more or less become a drop off spot, a place to put things that have no place, a "storage table" if you will.


Yuck. So I bit the bullet, bought some organizing materials and got to work. Now be prepared this is a dozy, I'm a little embarrassed to show you but we're all human, (remember that as you scroll through).

I'll be honest I've had a hand in this mess as well, it's not just my man on trial here (HA!). We have a small space and not a lot of storage so you tend to take over empty, unused spots wherever you can.

Here are the pieces I bought;

All bought from Target (which is now unfortunately closed in Canada, boo). All to keep a rustic & contemporary feel, I am working on in my home, slowly project by project.

Here we go, wish me luck.

I started from the bottom and made my way up. I started with the file drawers, pulled out all the paper work, broke it down in categories and put it into piles.

Yup pretty messy huh? It always gets worse before it gets better right?


I created tabs using these funky peel and stick tabs I bought from staples, which are pretty neat because you can wipe off what you wrote and reuse them for something new. I already had a bunch of hanging file folders so now was the easy part, filing it away. I stuck the tabs on the file folders, in a staggered manor so you could see all the labels when you opened the drawer and put them back in the filing cabinet. Sorting took the longest because there was ALOT of paper, but I always feel better after don't you?

Now that pesky top drawer where all the "little stuff" goes. I then purged through and got ride of items we didn't need. I only kept the necessities and put away the things we didn't use on a regular basis.

Next I tackled the keyboard pullout and the cubby. I got ride of what we didn't even know was there, found new homes for stuff we still used but didn't belong there and reorganized the cupboards up above to optimize my storage. The bad photographer & determined mind to get finished forgot to take pictures of that process ( bad blogger).


Now came the fun part, the desktop.  I used this desk organizer from the Nate Berkus line (at target when it was still in Canada). I placed all the outstanding bills and mail in one compartment, placed pens and pencils in the small compartment and any miscellaneous pieces in the last compartment.


Now for the letter tray, I wasn't sure how to use this. I was a little stumped with this one, so what I ended up putting in there were the things that we still needed to sort through and which still don't have a place to go yet.

I put my decor books and magazines in the magazine holders. I then decided having 2 magazine holders on the desk was becoming too cramped again plus I didn't love the look. I took away one of the holders and used it for my cook books and put it in our pantry (a blog post about that is coming soon).

There you have it! A finished organized desk, YAYY! This makes my heart gleam with happiness because I now have a desk I am happy least for now. There still some projects I want to do & some additions I would like to add, but those will come soon :).

Now the fun part, the giveaway!! A free printable to help you stay organized and not get overwhelmed while going through your own office purge. The printable includes, a Keep Pile list, a Discard Pile list, a On the Desk list and In the Desk list. Let me know how your office clean out goes and send some pictures my way! I'd love to see your progress!!

An Organized Desk Printable.png

How do you keep organized? Did you just tackle a new project? Do you have any special tricks? If you do please share, I always love learning new things!


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