A Brand New Feeling

Hi lovelies!

Remember how I was talking about re-purposing and re-prioritizing last week? Well I was having a feeling, a need for something new or a change something to make me feel complete again.

There was something calling me and sticking in my head I just couldn't shake. A new site and template is what's being born and what had been calling to me. It's actually being redesigned behind the scenes as we speak!

I just wanted to let you all know ahead of time that as of Monday, I will be going down for a little while. To be able to really focus and crush my new blog! Ya BABY!

I just wasn't feeling all that great about my site anymore. It was a great first starter but the theme was limited and I really wanted to expand. So in my best decision I decided to change for not only becoming more me BUT to be able to grow too!

I can't wait for you all to see the new site!!! If it wasn't for all of you this wouldn't be possible, this summer has a lot of exciting things coming I can feel it!

Don't worry though I'll still be around on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest! So you might want to follow me there, if you want of course.

Did you want to know when the site will actually launch? You can get it straight to your inbox along with my weekly home letter's.

Thank you as always for being so loyal and supportive! It so appreciated, more then you know. See you all soon :)

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