A Year In Review!

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Happy New Year my Friends!

Today is just a fun little post I put together as I have been ill for the last 2 weeks and have been out of commission and finally starting to feel normal again! Plus after hibernating for 2 weeks I am more then ready to get going.

I hope you all had a great holiday and New Years but who is ready to get organized and on track for this next year. I bought myself a pretty little planner and have already been cracking down on getting myself organized, my goals written down and my big plans already in the works.

What are your goals, intentions or big plans for 2017? 

What you can expect from me for 2017;

  • Posts Wednesday's & Friday's  
  • An Email series coming soon (get excited)
  • Focusing on revamping and coming out with more helpful freebies 
  • Creating an online course to help you create your dream home! (what do you think?)
  • Creating things behind the scenes to help you get confident creating a home out of your house. 
  • Revamping & nailing down my services so I can be personally available just for you! 

I decided to gather together all of my top posts for 2016 in case you missed them, just want to read them again or need some inspiration!  

It's always fun to reminisce and look back on the year you had, sometimes you forget fun moments, posts or memories because hey as much as a year flies by it's a long time to create adventure! 

Some exciting news!

Pre-Launch is starting for the Home Organizer this week!!!!! Ahhh I am super excited!!

If you don't remember don't worry I'll be mentioning it all week but you can see my sneak preview here to remind you. Don't forget to share with your friends, family and co-workers because they'll want to get in on this organizing action too. 

See you all so soon! 

What was your favorite moment, part or post you've read this year?

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