Bedroom Renovation Final Reveal

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Hello my friends!

I'm super excited because today's the day!

It's the final bedroom reveal day, it's a bit bitter sweet as it's finally done and now I'm thinking what to do now?

That just means I guess I'll have to think up some new project or find something to repurpose (yay!)

Don't forget to read to the bottom as I have everything sourced for you! 

Let's get to it shall we?


Remember what it used to look like before?

Room Decor Design.png

Remember when I shared my inspiration? Let's see how close it gets! 

So here we go!  


So much pretty am I right?! I just can't get over it!


I can't believe how far it's come, it doesn't even look like the same room.


How awesome does that mirror and greenery bin (yes they are fake) look? I had a different plan for those before I changed my room around again, (thanks mom). It looks like a window & window sill with flowers how cute is that. The wood stain also looks great against the white walls. A little country chic, just the way I like it.


My desk wasn't functional were it was before, so with the help of extension cords I now love it. It gives me much more room to open the desk drawer, and space to work. I also have found a new hobby which is Water Color painting and I love having the space to paint, so therapeutic and relaxing!


I love how I decided to add a little gallery wall above the dresser. I will add to it as I go but I think its perfect as it sits. A little bit of me and some inspiration to go a long way. 


But what would a reveal be, without a little before & after action!

Before & After.jpg

I feel SO much better in this room, it functions better for me and I have more space to walk around, but it doesn't look too open that it feels empty. I have a so much more storage now and everything is so bright and inviting.

There are still a few little things I keep moving around but it's pretty well finished. I have to admit I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.

Ok last one.

Before & After2.jpg

The only thing now that I need is a Macramé wall hanger. I was thinking of putting it on the other side of my window. I'm actually in the middle of making one myself! It won't be macrame, or amazingly pretty as some I see out there are. But it's turning out great so far, I'll show you how that turns out soon! 

Everything turned out better then I could've imagined, I couldn't be happier. 

So what do you all think?! What's your favourite part?

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Shop the look here:

Desk - My desk is discontinued but they have other beautiful options. Brand is Crate & Barrel

TV stand


Bed - Old bunk bed I used for the bottom. Its old some I'm not sure where it was bought. 

Pillow's - I believe they are from Bouclair but I wasn't able to find them online.

Fake Plants

Hanging Bin

Desk Lamp


Curtain Rod

Mirror - Old family mirror