Bedroom Progress & What's Next

Bedroom Progress & What's Next.png

Hi there my sweets!

I am SUPER excited because things are starting to come along and plans are starting to happen. Plus thank god for birthday's coming up *cough new furniture cough*.

So that's in the works, which means I get to go to my favorite store soon eeeeee!

Now all I need to do is decide on the color. It will most likely be a line from Benjamin Moore (not affiliate just love their stuff) the Aura line is awesome and NO PRIMING WOO. It's got a self primer in it so no need to spend an hour priming, just slap a few coats on and your good to go. I used to work for Benjamin Moore way back and I seriously loved the stuff, a little more money but SO worth it.

Here's what I'm thinking;

Room Decor Design.png

Desk(Crate & Barrel. no longer available)/Dresser/TV Unit/Pastel Picture/Chandelier(Rona, but can't find it or something similar)/Macrame (all over Etsy or anywhere!)/DayBed/Curtains/Fintorp Wall Hanging System/Pastel Pillows

Super excited as I finally have a layout for my room that I'm seriously digging. Its a tough room to situate but I finally found a way to make it work, that works for me.


Here are the afters!


(don't mind the differences in light...I'm practicing and it was different times of day!)

What do you think?! Not the most conventional but who does conventional anymore?, and now I'm away from that drafty window. PS love the desk facing the window, I feel sheltered out anymore ha ha.

So, so far on the list of things to do we've got these down pat;

Paint - Buy supplies & paint

Furniture - build & put in new spot (almost done building)

Gallery Wall

DIY Wall Macrame

Space Plan - Done!

Move Furniture - Done!

Oh I can't wait for this to be all done and finally have my favorite space made. I'm hoping for brighter, cozier and more ME! It's a temporary space but a space I definitely need to make feel my own as it's will be my for a while spot.

What do you think so far?!

Ps I may be posting some sneaks on Insta so you may want to head over there and check it out and follow along I love having new friends.

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