Bringing It Back Home

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Hey all,

Would I be able to talk about all the feels today? My friends, due to unforeseen circumstances I have currently moved back home. Yes back with the Mom & Pops. Now I know what you all might think, oh no moving back home how can you deal?! It's really not that bad (I get home cooked meals, YA!) and this gives me time to save and work on all the blog things. It is a bit of a smaller space to work with but I like a little challenge every now and then.

I have been feeling at a bit of a loss, dealing with life and now starting to build a new space I love. I came to a screeching halt on creating. I wasn't sure what to post, create or to be honest if my posts would be helpful now that I wasn't living in the apartment anymore. I still had so many ideas up my sleeve but I have to move on and think of new ones! I don't have an entire space to work with and I have only one room but isn't that a challenge some of you are going through as well?

So I got to thinking, this actually may come to my benefit! I get a new space to create in and slowly start loving and you'll get ideas to help you love your space too. Win, win I think.

Now there are a few more limitations but that's ok, you work with what you got am I right? I have made some changes already but I'm planning on some other stuff soon too.

I'll post some pictures and my plans soon so you can get an idea what I'm thinking (and your opinions too)! It'll take some time for me to absolutely love it but I know I will!

Its definitely an adjustment and it'll take some getting used to but life happens when you get uncomfortable am I right?

Let's take one more look at my apartment;

White Basement 12.JPG

I'll miss this space as I worked hard on it and I was really starting love it. I keep trying to remember however; "Love where you are, wherever you are". It's a new start, new beginning and new chapter.

Here's to a new space and creating, decorating & organizing.

Stay tuned for my bedroom plans!

You can see more of my apartment in;

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Let's see what I come up with, you ready?


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