Design Home App

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My lovely decor peeps! 

I had to come in today and tell you about something cool I happened to come across and thought I would share. 

It's a fun and cool app that can help you improve your decorating skills but also give you knowledge on styles, design, brands, designers and more! 

Its called....

Design Home

You can choose from updated modern & trendy furniture. From all different styles and popular designers.

It helps create and stay on a budget, or figuring out what to spend your money/diamonds on. 

It allows you to go outside of the box without committing to any REAL spending or design.

You get stars based on people voting for your design and then you get an overall score.

You can do rooms from kids rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, tropical rooms, HGTV inspired rooms etc.

Let me know if you try it out, I can follow along and see/vote for all your designs!

See quick, easy and painless today. Woo! Now go check it out.

**Disclaimer; this is not a sponsored post, I am just telling you about something I thought was a cool app and had to share! I only support things I believe in and love.**