A How To Make A Coat Rack


Hi Lovely's

I can finally share with you the project I have been wanting to finish and get up for so long. This has already made such a huge difference in my "entry" and it's just been up for a week!

My dad and I ventured down to Woodstock, ON a while ago. It was held in a large warehouse with so many nooks and crannies filled to the brim, I get excited just typing about it. The first & second floor were knick knacks, tea sets & small furniture with a little bit of everything. The third floor was where all the big furniture & extra wood was hiding, jack pot!

Well enough of me enumerated about this shop and get to the project! I'm really excited about this one because it turned out so well. There were a few hiccups in the hanging part of it, but I think we found the best solution.

Making the Coat Rack

I found a small piece of baseboard for the base of my coat rack, I ended up choosing a dark wood what I think was an old baseboard at one time. It gave the perfect rustic feel I wanted to go for, and plus it fit in better with my d├ęcor.

Lastly we stopped off at good old Canadian Tire where I found my hooks. A dark metal is what I choose that would blend it a little bit better then something that would stand out.

Now comes the fun part, building.

What you need:

  • Screw driver
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Sand paper, wire brush (or even a dog's wire grooming brush)
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape (optional)
  • Wood (of your choice)
  • Stain (If store bought plain wood, again optional) (stain was not used in this project)
  • Hooks

After we got the perfect distressed look using sandpaper and wire brushes we started putting the rack together. You should probably do the sanding part outside, or put a tarp down, because it may get a little dirty & dusty.

Next we originally lined out the hooks evenly (used measuring tape) along the bottom. I quickly changed my mind (as I usually do) and to keep with the "non man-made" look. I choose to go with unevenly imperfect positions (no measuring tape necessary).

Now we were ready to screw down the hooks. Well that was fun, because the screws that the hooks came with ended up snapping (see in picture above). Dad to the rescue! He had a whole bin of strong screws to use which ended up working much better.

Also we added some "worm holes" by hammering some nails on an angle and then removing them. We also used those nails to highlight and add a "scratched" look to the wood adding to the vintage "worn" look.

Finally we got back to getting those darn hooks (after getting distracted) and screwed them into the baseboard.  Voila!

Something magical, to me anyways about it being "imperfect". This piece was meant to look as is, not perfect to a tee but make it to you liking.

Lastly it's hanging time! We added it to our "entry" but it wouldn't hang properly at first, as the wood was not perfectly flat. So our solution was to screw it to another flat piece of wood and then attach it to the wall. When finding your piece of wood make sure it's as flat as possible or that nothing is sticking out. It actually looks great, you can't even tell!

There we have it a rustic, a homemade coat rack! Doesn't it look awesome?


Now you can style it which ever way works for you and your family. You could even put a shelf above it to hold baskets etc.

I found this great doormat from Target (when it was still in Canada). It fit perfectly and actually all the colors complemented each other nicely. This is now the perfect front entryway. Also might I add that it matched our little entry table that sits newly on the stairs, perfectly? Yup I'm good (totally unintentional).

Oh and that metal basket? Now I have the perfect place to hang my jacket & purse after a long days work. Woohoo! It only took me a year, but hey it's part of the process right?

This project only ended up costing $25 all together! Woohoo what a steal!  What do you think? Are you goin to try this too?

Even though I really don't have a proper entry, I made do with what I had. Made my own version and it works so much better now.

I really do love it.


Have you made a home project proud of? What functions for you in your entry?

Happy Friday friends! See you next week.

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