Exterior Design Trends For A Fabulous Home

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Hi my lovely peeps!

Today I have Catherine coming in to talk all about curb appeal and that outdoor decor. Unfortunately the inside usually gets more attention then the out but we have to remember you spend just as much outside as in. Especially in those beautiful summer & spring months and you need to make it your own outside too. It's the first thing people see and also gives us piece of mind and shows our character.  So I'll turn it over to her and she'll give you the entire scoop.


We can all agree that the exteriors of our homes are usually the most neglected parts of them. However, it is time for a hard truth – homes that don’t have an appealing exterior are just not that attractive to potential buyers and are sold much slower. And no matter whether you are considering selling your place right now or not, you should still consider working on its exterior. Now, you might think: “Yeah, I will decorate it in a certain way and then the next year a whole new set of trends will come and my money will be wasted”, but fear not, because trends do change from season to season, yet there are some things that stay more or less the same. In other words, the things listed below are definitely here to stay. 

Without further ado, here is how to make your home’s exterior fabulous. 

Curb appeal

To put it simply, curb appeal will give off the first impression and show the aesthetic charm of the house and there are several ways you can boost it. 

Front door

Since doors are the focal point of any home’s curb appeal, they should always look their best. The first step in boosting their appearance is cleaning them. The second step you should consider is painting them a bold color, like red for example. Next, fix the lighting fixtures around them, and consider hanging a wreath or some other door ornament.



A rusty mailbox, dirty house numbers, and poor lighting are definitely a no-no when it comes to any home’s curb appeal. Consider these elements as a jewelry of your home. That being said, you should also consider splurging on new ones. Replace those old house numbers with new, shiny ones and display a brand-new modern mailbox that will match that strong pendant lighting above your front door. 


Art is evergreen. So, besides lighting fixtures and landscape, your front yard needs some art as well. Add a couple of water-resistant artwork pieces that will complement your home’s color palette such as birdbaths, metal cutouts, wind chimes, etc. These will give your home’s curb appeal a special flair. 


A modern man has completely lost touch with nature. And that is why we all have to bring that nature to ourselves. The best way to do so is through landscaping. 

Water features

Landscaping experts have finally realized the importance of water elements in yards. From waterfalls over pools, and fountains to ponds, water elements are now definitely the biggest landscaping trend.


Praise the imperfection Have you ever heard about Wabi-Sabi? It is basically a Japanese practice that highly appreciates imperfections and the ability to age gracefully. Their gardens imitate nature in a way that allows plants and fixtures to “relax” in their natural and imperfect forms. There are no more sharp edges and working your ass off to make everything as perfect as it can be – turn your yard into your private perfectly imperfect jungle. 

Purple reign

Purple is now considered to be a color that represents health. Also, it has been proclaimed the color of 2018 by Pantone. And the trend had spread to landscaping as well. Purple foods are popping up in more and more landscape beds: purple asparagus, acai, elderberries, purple sweet potatoes etc. This is probably due to their anti-aging benefits, antioxidants, and anti-cancer properties. 

Outdoor living spaces

Anyone who has a patio can consider themselves lucky. Whether it is small or large, there are just so many ways to improve it and make it even more pleasant than it already is.

Here are some trends to consider:


BBQ corner

Currently, it is all about embracing the amount of time spent outside. This is why barbeques are at the peak of their popularity. This season, consider building either a brick grill or a cinder block BBQ island so you can spend some time in your backyard with friends, while being stylish and up to the latest trends. 

Fire pits

Once a prestigious and luxurious designer item, modern fire pits are now becoming more or less the norm of a classic contemporary home. They are both stylish and multifunctional – besides being a great way to stay warm outside without wasting energy, they are also amazing for light and ambience.


Outdoor rooms

Their popularity just won’t go away. Things like outdoor kitchens, sunken lounges, outdoor showers, daybeds, and comfortable outdoor furniture are now more of an expectation rather than a luxury when it comes to modern homes. 

Which trend was your favourite? Let us know.

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Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also like sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.

Thank you Catherine for joining us today and giving us such a great ideas for our front & back of our homes, its not always about the inside! 

What have you done outside to make it your own?