Here's Why I Started

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Hey my sweets,

Today I'm getting a little personal, it's my birthday today so I guess it"s cause for reflection! That happens when you get older right?

People always ask what I do for a living. I answer I am a receptionist and also own my own business/blog, a budding entrepreneur. People reply, oh that's great is that just a side thing or are you doing it full time, or I even get do blogs still exist?

Why yes, yes they do.

Then I get the oh what is your business and blog about? We get chatting about it but there's still that blank look on their faces. Do you know that one? Like the ok I'll act like I'm listening and understanding but you know fair well, that they still have no idea and this is a pointless conversation. HA

"Well not entirely pointless because I get to talk about something that excites me. "

Growing up I've always changed, re-arranged, organized and fixed up my rooms. I think I've had 6-10 different full room makeovers in my time...thank god my parents love me #imsorry. I also went to friends houses and cleaned up their rooms, re-organized and made over their spaces #parentslovedme haha.

I never really thought about a career in decorating until my parents brought it up during dinner one night while we were at the Keg. Discussing what I wanted to do for college, I am a creative whole heartedly and applied for most of the arts courses. Photography, interior design & interior decorating and even though about anime, but I finally went with decorating (sometimes wishing I choose design) and the rest is history.

Now after college was rough for me, I was in and out of jobs and really struggled financially. At one point I was without income. I struggled to find something worth while in my industry or the dreaded "I don't have enough experience" comment stopped me from getting my dream jobs.

Plus with interior decorating most are solely owned, which means not a lot of people are looking for partners or to hire.

So I thought what next?

I ended up in jobs that just paid the bills, but I really missed having decorating in my life. My favorite is kitchen & bath design and I could do that all day! I heard about this blogging thing through a friend and was interested in how it all worked.

I was desperate to find something that could fulfill my passion but also pay the bills.

I found out you could actually do this blogging thing full-time and for income. Then I thought how?! It was a long road, a lot of learning, finding my way, experimenting and more but I finally found something that could give me the best of both worlds.

I have stuck with it for 2 years now and have finally found my footing. Now I do have a full-time 9-5er and am currently in school part-time but I am pursing this as a future full-time job.

I want to live my life happy, healthy, and the way I want it. Doing something I love and pursing my passion while helping others in the process.

Now I've heard it all before, it's too risky, its not stable, its not "traditional", what if you aren't successful, and so on. I believe truly that "surviving" just to earn a paycheck is not living.

I want to enjoy my career, I want to enjoy getting up in the morning and be excited to start my day. I want to give my future family & children a life they can only dream of and show them that ANYTHING is possible.

Does any of you out there feel the same?

"Making the world more beautiful, one home, one space at a time"

I love being on here, being able to share my knowledge, expertise all while helping people along the way. I love going above and beyond to give someone exactly what they need. That smile and happy hearts you see at the end of it, is all the payment I need. Some day I will be able to do this and only this and make a head in the clouds girls dream a reality.

It's not the amount in the bank account, it's the happiness I bring to others all while fulfilling my calling and passion behind the scenes.

You all rock and this all wouldn't be possible without the love and support from family, friends & most importantly YOU.

If you are feeling down or unfulfilled about your career I urge you to create & find your passion and run with it. Don't just survive, LIVE. You can do it, yes there will be ups & downs but you'll be come stronger and come out on top in the end I promise you.

From me to you, a special thank you <3


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