Home For The Holidays

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Hi Loves!

Oh my gosh, how exciting is it that Christmas is literally a few days away? Whose excited and counting down?! I know I am (kid at heart here). 

I also know I am SUPER late on doing a Christmas home tour so I thought I'd do a quick around the house one. There are also going to be a few from a few years ago at my old apartment. Now being back home for the second year for Christmas, it's nice to bring the old traditions back and even some new ones. 

So let's sleigh this! (I apologize about some of the quality and darkness, some were taken at night!)


Here is my living room & that fabulous tree. Such a cozy & quiet place to hang out. 


Our fireplace! I love that fireplace and it always looks so great every year (mom's good), those ornaments hanging from the garland are my Grandpa's handed down, so pretty. 


Our Dining room credenza, we go festive everywhere around the house. 


Here's a few from my old apartment, Gosh I loved that tree skirt. Oh the season to reminisce 

Christmas Tree 2.JPG
Chrismtas TV View.JPG

Yes I did have two tree's up! I could totally have more, but I thought it might be a little much.

Christmas Bedroom 3.JPG
Mirror & Coffee Chrismtas Corner.JPG

It's so fun being surrounded with family, magical lights, and festive music. Gives such a heart warming reminder of what this season brings and I secretly love being back home during this time of year.

This is my favourite season & holiday, and I look forward to it every year. 

This is also a time of year that reminds us what we have, what we should be grateful for, and spending time family, friends & loved ones. It's about giving and creating special memories. 

Just a little heads up that I will be taking time during the holidays for a little rest, relaxation, and family time. We all need a little time to remember what it's like without work, social media, and our busy schedules. So if it's a little quiet around here don't fret I'm still here and I will be back in the New Year! See you all in 2018!

Enjoy your holiday's, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours my friends.