How Color Can Affect Mood & Atmosphere

How Color Can Affect Mood & Atmosphere.png

Hey there friends! 

Do you ever find that as soon as you walk into a space, you get a feeling of warm, cold, welcoming or overwhelm? I do and sometime's it's not the best feeling in the world!

It can really affect your mood or the atmosphere your in. Do you want to know why?

"Well each color can have a different feel."

I broke down each one for you to help you figure out the best option for you! 

Red: Raises a room's energy, the color of love and passion. It gets your blood flowing and is an intense color. Some say it is too intense for bedrooms, but it can cause conversation and excitement in the livingroom/dining room and creates a strong impression.

Blue: Is said to bring blood pressure and heart rate down, it is soothing and serene. It is best used for bedrooms & bathrooms. It can come off as cold in some spaces so pairing it with the right warm tones in furniture and fabrics will help make it feel warm & toasty.

Orange: Evokes excitement and is an energetic color. Not ideal for spaces that you need to relax in, it is best used in workout rooms, play rooms or rooms that have a lot of activity in. 

Green: The most peaceful color for the eye, and is the most suited for any room in the house. It can promote togetherness, unwinding and soothing feelings. It is believed to calm people down and relieve stress.

Yellow: Is like the sun, creates happiness and joy. It's a great choice for kitchen, bathroom and dining room. It can cause excitement and creates an energizing space. Some say it can be too much at times, depending on the hue and color it can cause over stimulation and tempers to flare.

Purple: is rich, sophisticated and dramatic. Most people associate it with luxury and sophistication, great for an accent or secondary color.

Neutrals (white, black, grey, brown, beige): Your go to basics, because of their versatility they are always the first to be turned to. You can add or subtract colors to warm things up or cool things down. Black can also be used as a grounding color in a space but used wisely and only as accents.

Isn't that so cool! I thought so too, who would've thunk it.

Its interesting to know what colors represent what and how they affect our day to day spaces and lives. 

Fresh Home is a great source for more in depth information if you like to read more on this! 

With just a small coat of color, can change an entire room. Did you ever think why you don't like a certain room, could be because it's the wrong shade, color or tone?

Did you know about the different colors and what each invoke?

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