How To Add Texture To A Room

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I always find that adding a little bit of textures wood, weave or even something that looks like you just want to touch it. Like that red big button that says do not push but all you want to do is push it.

I enjoy a soft blanket to cozy up in, a fuzzy pillow or rough textures wood. Although some textures may not FEEL as nice, they give a room character and personality.

It can be hard to find that one thing or that right texture to fit your space & style.

Find out some ways below you can add texture to your space stylishly.

Baskets: rough weave, woven, leather, smooth which ever you love add away! These are great for storage and these are so pretty as well.

Carpets: woven, tasseled, rattan, Persian, shag, and so on. There's so much to choose from to make your feet feel all the goodness but also adds a spark of something to any room.

Fuzzy Pillows: Who doesn't love cozying up and petting these types?

Unique Accessories: Spiky art pieces, metal vases, wood vases and more. Its fun to add some unique pieces to any spaces, it can create conversation and the "I can't help myself but touch it" effect.

Natural Woods: Make sure they won't give you splinters! But the rough, worn in, used, unfinished look can add so much character and charm to any home. Hello huge trend, I'm seeing everywhere!

Marble: Ok so is it just me or don't you LOVE running your hand over the smooth, cold, beautiful surface of marble? Just me? Ok.

Velvet: Velvet seems to be a big trend lately and I'm seeing it everywhere. This will add a classy, sophisticated charm that you'll want to cozy up with.

Plush: Need I say more?

I would love an ALL velvet couch but I have some sort of feeling that it may end up getting destroyed, or spilled on unless I create a no enter zone or cover it in plastic, but that's no fun.

I see so much texture and character being added into spaces lately and I'm actually loving it.

As a vintage collector on my spare time and a fan of the country chic and a lover of exposed brick, I would add all things texture into my own home (well future..).

What's your favorite way to add texture?

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