How To Be The Perfect Design Client

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Hi friends!

How are you this fine Wednesday?

Clients come and clients go and there are good ones and bad. Some are memorable for reasons you would like to forget and some you love to remember.

Which one are you?

Everyone wants the "perfect" client but sometimes it's hard to find. Especially if you don't know your perfect client, which you will have to get nity gritty to find if your a designer! 

But we're talking about being the "perfect" client, so back on track.

Create a Pinterest board: Take pictures you instantly gravitate towards, or start a board of things you are trying to achieve in that space (or spaces if for a whole home, think about separating each room). Then add your designer to the board so they can see, or have it open and ready for us to take a look when we meet.

Have Inspiration: Choose rooms, materials, textures etc you want to use in the space or that you have seen and want to incorporate. If you have a specific item you want the room to be designed around prepare to have that ready also.

Be open but know what you want: Know in your mind the desired outcome, know what you will not compromise on but remember to be open, listen to the idea's of your designer, and try not to be too stubborn. Try to be open to compromise and remember we are here to help as well give you a room of YOUR dreams. Be open and listen as we do to you.

Fill out a questionnaire: If you designer provides you one to fill out be sure to fill it out as quickly as possible, it will get you prepared and help your designer get to know you before you actually meet!

Be prepared: Get everything ready before hand, ask your designer for a list of things needed for the first meeting. This will help you make the best use of your time you have together.

Have your measurements & questions ready: Have measurements of the spaces ready (not completely necessary but helpful) and have everything you want to cover written down.

Outline your needs and wants: Have a list or create one with your designer of your needs, functions, and wants in the space. You can even do have to haves and just wants columns too. 

Trust your designer: This kind of speaks for itself but they are they're for YOU to achieve what YOU want and you hired them to achieve just that. Trust in them and they will provide but in the end if they aren't a good fit it's on to the next! 

With these in mind you can be the best client as well as help the designer and the process run as smooth as possible. The quicker and faster it goes will help get the actual decorating fun begin sooner!

Remember to have fun, be open, and this is for YOU! Know what you like and stick to it, we are just here to help pull everything together. Give some ideas you may have not thought of but in the end, it's your space that we will create for you to love.

How are you the perfect client?