How To Blend Decades In Your Home

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Hi friends!

Now I know you read the title and were either like YES tell me or NO why would you do that. I know, I know but it seems to becoming more of a trend now, to blend instead of all new.

Plus it's better for the bank am I right? I have to agree (since I already love vintage & refreshing) that I like the mixed look and let me tell you my style has evolved over the years but I really feel the style I have now is much more me. 

Don't you just love that layered look when it's done right? it gives such a unique story to the home and really shows the character of who lives there. However too much mixing and it can just be all wrong.

Here are the ways to blend decades perfectly.


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Color: Using consistent color throughout will make the space feel more cohesive and blend together nicely. If you have a more modern chair and want to add in a traditional sofa just choose something within the same shade.


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Let it be equal: Even though you have different objects on either side, they remain in balance with each other with similar height & quantity.Also the same with style try to incorporate each throughout the room to make flow and not seem so stark. For example one half of the room is country and the other is modern that's quite the stark difference, but if you mix in throughout its hardly even noticable.


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Blend the Patterns: Bringing in multiple patterns can add character and texture. Try keeping it to a max of 3 different types, keeping them with like colors or patterns that flow together. You can even pair with a solid color pillow if the patterns clash side by side.


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Embrace Texture: Add velvet, leather, rattan whichever you please. In small amounts you don't want to overwhelm the room but add interest and feel to a space.


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Scale is Key: You don't want a large bean bag sitting beside a dainty wooden modern chair. Keep the scale similar in height and width and no matter the styles it will all blend together nicely.


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Furniture needs friends: Find or place at least one like object (scale, color, texture), you don't want one item singly left out, don't let him/her be the odd man out.

Blending styles & decades together can seem overwhelming, but I assure you it can be easy. If it doesn't look right then it's usually a sign it won't work out but don't give up. Try it in a different room or pair it with something else. If it does work then awesome, if not move on to the next!

Remember these tips and you will feel a lot better picking up that used furniture, or mixing two different styles of people who are moving in together.

You won't feel you have to buy ALL new and it won't look so mix matched that you grow to hate it.

What are you trying first?