How To Choose The Right Color For Your Front Door

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Good Morning my fellow friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful week and day so far. It's been a little crazy on my end so it'll be nice to soon have it slow down, (wishful thinking).

Since I redid my room which you can see here, I have come to the conclusion that I officially hate painting and when I buy my first home. I will definitely be hiring out, hehe now that being said, I don't mind a small project here and there it can be a little therapeutic.

Painting is usually not on my top to do list. But painting fun and bright colors on something small is definitely more fun, especially the choosing part.

Like a front door!

I have been obsessing over doors as you seen in my last post here, and it just keeps getting better!

But now you need to figure out how to choose the right color, the right type of paint, and when to paint.

Well not to fret because I'm going to go over all those special tricks for you right now.

How to Choose

Choose a color that suits the house: find a color that suits your home and your style. Giving a glimpse into what your home & personality is before you even step in the door.

Choose a color that suits the color scheme and your style: Coordinate with your home, if your home's a white you can pretty much choose anything. But if your home is a pale yellow pick something that will accentuate it. If it's a contrast your going for pick something with undertones of yellow within it and go for it!

Make sure you to test twice, paint once: Test, test & test before you paint. Make sure it's the color you'll love as easy as it is to change it's something you have to live with for a bit. With weather and the time of year it's a bit harder to change as often.

The Right Paint

Make sure you get the right kind of paint and finish for you door style and quality of door.  Just remember the higher the sheen the more it will show imperfections and warps in the door. Pick the quality of paint and sheen depending on the quality and how good of shape your Front/Garage Door is in. You want something that is durable and will withstand the high weather conditions and usage the doors will face.

When To Paint

Make sure you are painting at the right time of year and the right temperature. As if it's too cold or too warm the lack of moisture or no lack there off, the paint will not adhere or last long as long as it should (as in fading and chipping) and you'll end up having to paint again. Find out in more detail in this post by The Spruce.

Better Homes & Gardens has a great article on just how to paint the door perfectly, with techniques and all BHG Garden - How To Paint An Exterior Door.

With these tips in mind you will have your front/garage door painted beautifully without a hitch.

Think outside the box and really go for something you'll love, this is where you can have some fun!

If you painted your front door, show me in the comments below! I'd love to see what you all chose.


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