How To Choose The Right Paint Sheen

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Well it's been a gorgeous week so far and I am loving the weather change! How has it been where you are? Speaking of nice weather and spring/summer on the way, this is the season when people spring cleaning & redecorating. New coats of paint, new home decor, new accessories, fresh furniture etc.

Now the question is after you choose which color you want, now it's time to choose the sheen. People often forget about this important step, it can make or break a room in my opinion. Certain rooms do better with certain sheen's and plus of course your personal preferences too. Now's the question of which one do I choose?

Let's go through each one shall we? Stick around till the end because there will be a handy cheat sheet just for you!

Paint Sheen Choices

Flat/Matte: No or low luster sheen, that is great for hiding imperfections. It is a bit more difficult to clean because it tends to absorb more dirt & mildew.

Eggshell: Has a light sheen that creates a soft, velvety finish. It with-holds reflections & light better then a higher gloss finish, which will hide imperfections best. It is best used in lower traffic areas that don't take a lot of abuse or bumps.

Satin: It has a slightly more reflective finish and can withstand dirt, mildew and stains. Which is perfect for more high traffic areas, it is easy to clean & which can be scrubbed lightly.

Semi-gloss: Creates a brighter and shiny finish, it is durable and has a pleasing aesthetic. It is most resistant to moisture while being the easiest to clean.

High-Gloss: The most durable and easiest to clean. It has a brilliant more reflective shiny finish. This paint sheen is the most light reflective but will show imperfections. Both gloss finishes need their surfaces to be prepped & sanded well before painting to ensure a smooth finish.

Now let's go over which finish is best for which room.


Ceiling: Flat/Matte Finish

Living Room: Flat/Matte Finish, Eggshell Finish

Bedroom: Flat/Matte Finish, Eggshell Finish

Bathroom: Satin Finish, Semi-Gloss, High-Gloss

Kitchen: Satin Finish, Semi-Gloss, High-Gloss

Laundry Room: Satin Finish

Office/Den: Flat/Matte Finish, Eggshell Finish

Hallway/Stairs: Eggshell Finish, Satin, Semi-Gloss

Trims/Doors: Satin, Semi-Gloss, High-Gloss


Sidings/Shutters: Satin Finish

Trim/Doors: Semi-Gloss Finish, High-Gloss Finish

To make it that much easier for all of you I created a little cheat sheet that you can print. So then you have something on hand, if you ever forget or ever need to look up it up.

Now that you have the sheen down pat, get that awesome color and have fun painting!

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See you all here tomorrow for another update on my one room challenge!!

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