How To Color Connect Your Home

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Hi my decorating pals,

How are we this fine morning? I hope all is well, I seem to be getting so excited writing all these new posts for you it's like that break gave me all the momentum and creative vibes I needed to jump back on board.

Do you find when you take a step back and shut yourself off from social media etc. Or just enjoy time with yourself or loved ones. It clears your mind and refreshes you to a new beginning, it also could be because spring is here and that means SUMMER IS COMING. Is anyone else dreaming of those warm days, dresses, open toed shoes and beaches?

Its kind of like that in your home, a fresh coat of paint, new d├ęcor and everything seems to flow. You have that sigh of relief no? But what if that doesn't happen, It could put a major damper in your step.

It could be something as simple as color, does everything seem to flow? Do rooms match? Do things all connect?

If not then don't worry my friends, today I'm delving into the world of how to do just that.

I'll have you sighing in relief and comfort in no time.


Accessories: Choosing similar styled accessories or colored accessories to add pops of each other in each room. They don't all have to be the same! For example, a yellow bowl in one room, a yellow vase in another, yellow flowers in another and so on. 

Furniture: You can choose the same colored furniture but different pieces to connect your home throughout. A green couch in the living room, a green dresser in the bedroom, greenery in the bathroom.

Color: For your walls, wallpaper etc. You could paint the same palette throughout the home, use a paint chip and go through each color on the color story, or you can use the same tones & undertones for each room and so forth. A color wheel would be a great help as well during the early stages of choosing a color.

Fabrics: Choosing similar fabrics throughout, for example in one room lace curtains, in another lace pillows. Then fur pillows in one and a fur throw in another and so forth.


Sue De Chiara

Just remember sometimes it's a big fix that will change your heart about your home and sometimes it's a simple fix. Whatever the case may be, you need to feel comfortable and at home.

Really take the time to see if your layout, color and accessories are the right one's for you. If they mean something to you, spark conversation, unique, that you love, are a memory or are of value then you are talking my kinda space.

Plan out your home or room before buying each new accessory, color, furniture etc. Write it all out and even use pictures to help you visualize your space. It will then become easier once its time to put it into action, you'll know exactly how you want everything laid out by room and what goes where. This is especially great if your moving homes, you can have it planned out before you even move in!

This is where you sigh of relief and smile.

How do you color connect your home? Did I hit the nail on the head for you?

Ps...maybe the decor organizer where you can plan out your whole home, renovation or redecorating can be in one easy place can help. #justsaying.

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