How To Create A Diva Den | Chairish Challenge


Hey sweets!

I have a special post for you all today! I am apart of another Chairish challenge that I am really excited about!  This one was really fun, because instead of creating a "man" cave we're doing a "women" cave. You can see the other challenges here and here if you'd missed them!

I designed the room around these stool, aren't they beautiful? I love these ones and it caught my eye right away, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I spotted them.

Custom Nautical Teak Bar Stools - Set of 3.jpeg

With a little bit of country flare and shabby chic décor, this diva den is where I would love to be!  What do you think?

Chairish Challenge Collage.png


Here are some essentials to make the most out of your "diva den";

- Comfy seating: Big comfy couches and cozy side chairs make for a comfortable space.

- Pink: What girl space doesn't have a little bit of pink in their space?

- Pretty accessories: Gold, floral, glass vases and more. You really have no rules in your space!

- Bar: Now what women cave would be complete without a bar or wine?

- Storage Shelving: For all our magazines, pretty pieces and great books.

- Television: We have to watch our romantic movies and reality TV shows of course.

- Pretty lighting: Chandeliers and gold metal scones, it's not only for function but for style as well.

What would you make an essential for your diva den?

Shiplap Bar (source unknown)

Bar: Now isn't shiplap amazing? So I thought a bar with shiplap, wood counters & big corbels in white would be perfect touch, for a shabby chic rustic Diva Den bar.

Color scheme: I choose white for the walls to make it a bright and fresh space. Then I added blues, pinks, greens & golds to liven the space with color.

Accessories: I choose the beautiful abstract painting for inspiration. I used it to pull out colors to incorporate in the space like, little gold owls, a beautiful sunburst mirror, a delicate mirrored tray (which is my favorite), and I couldn't resist an old pink dial phone. They all go beautifully placed on the bamboo shelving.

Stools: A mixture of wood and metal made such a great combination and perfect for a bar seat to pull up and have a nice glass of wine.

Seating: I choose the big white comfy couch to really be able to curl up and relax after a long day. Paired with blue and pink patterned pillows that bring a bit more girl to the room.

Built In Storage

Storage: Built in storage is perfect to display all the pretty accessories safely, a place to put our beloved family pictures, cute plants and great reads & books. Where we can spotlight our things with pretty sconces to show case our prized possessions.

Lighting: Lastly I finished off the space with this BEAUITFUL gold chandelier, that sparkles in the sunlight and add that glam every girl spaces needs.

With no boys aloud they really isn't anything you can't do. I choose mostly all of my pieces from Chairish and it made the perfect mix of shabby chic and country cottage. It reminds me of being away up north at a cottage relaxing the week away. The perfect place to go for all us ladies to relax & escape after a crazy day, a place to have our girls nights and hey even a place to have our sleepovers. I guess we might be a little "old" for a sleepover but really I don't think we're ever to "old" for sleepovers am I right?! Or is it just me?

Thank you again Chairish for letting me join again in such a wonderful challenge! Its always such fun creating these spaces and designing something I don't always get to design.

What would you choose for your Diva Den? Which ones are your favorite pieces? Let me know in the comments below!

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