How To Create A FarmHouse Colour Palette

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Good Morning my pals,

The hardest part I find for everyone is to create a whole home color palette that flows. Either we just go with our guts and colors we like or it just ends up as a disaster. 

I've done it, I'll admit it. I had olive greens with yellow beige's and whites and blues and so on. Now not horrible but in a small apartment it's not nice. 

My biggest challenge and encouragement for you is to make one before hand. Think about what colours and mood you want to achieve and then get online and create one.

Canva or Google can give you free template options. I also have some in my Decor Planner that will help plan from start to finish and all the small in-between.

Here's where to start.

Start with your white: Your base color for all the trim and doors. Unless your going bold and trying a color instead.

Choose your neutral: Then choose your "neutral" you beige, grey, white etc for the main color in your room.

Add a color: Choose the color that accents nicely or that your drawn to most for the space.

Choose your accents: Time to find your accent color, texture, materials etc, That you want to add for interest or that you'll love into the room. 

"Use a colour wheel or the paint chip to choose colour's that will accent nicely. Keep in mind try all colours in different light (sunlight or night light etc) in YOUR home before you commit."

A neat trick you can use as well is if your keeping it all the same (such as shades of grey) you can use a paint chip and choose a couple of shades on that chip to paint in each area.

For example: Sparrow can be used as the wall colour, Anonymous can be used as a fabric accent, Stealth Jet could be used as a focal wall. You can choose as many or as less colours as you want, just make sure you have a game plan for each. You don't want it too overwhelming or too much of the same. Balance it out with pops of colour or reduce how many colours you choose.


Behr Paint Chip

Try to keep all the colours within the same tone or brightness. Unless your going for a bold look. Also a good trick is to pull the accessory or accent colour from this room into every room to create a flow of energy and feeling that its all connected.

Here is an example of my ideal Farmhouse Colour Palette:

I love that dark navy blue, it's just the thing it needs to make it pop but still subtle enough to be calm and serene.

What do you think?

There we have it, guys its that easy and will save you a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I am just sharing some useful tools that helped me that can help you too! I only suggest and share things that I use myself or believe in.**