How To Create A Luxurious Bathroom Retreat With 5 Amazing Fixtures

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Let’s face it, most of our bathrooms are institutional at best. Plain tiles, plain flooring, and plain fixtures makes for a space, that although used every day, we really don’t enjoy the time we spend in it. So how can we make such a usable space more appealing to our senses? What can we bring into our bathrooms to create a harmonious and relaxing appearance without spending thousands of dollars on a complete bathroom remodel?

First, let’s figure out what type of space we are looking for. Serenity and a spa like feel will allow us to relax after a hard day at the office. An energetic and colorful space can put us in the perfect frame of mind to start us off on the right foot for a productive work day. Once you have decided what atmosphere you want your upgraded bathroom to bring, it is time to find those perfect premium bathroom fixtures that you can utilize to enhance your space. Many of the fixtures can be installed by the do it yourselfer to save even more cash.

Bringing Your Senses into Your Daily Routine

With the advance in technology, you will find many different premium bathroom fixtures that will titillate your senses. There are shower heads that include Bluetooth speakers so you can dance in the shower and rejuvenate to your favorite songs. You can find fans that also include Bluetooth speakers so as you keep humidity down and you can get down to your personal playlist.

If color is more tantalizing to your senses, try one of the many LED shower heads. Many shower fixture manufacturers now have complete lines of LED components to bring some color therapy into your cleansing routine. There are also LED shower heads that come with temperature activated color changing for added safety for you and your family. Now you can set the mood for a romantic evening with your significant other simply by dialing in a color on your new shower head.

There are also premium bathroom fixtures on the market that bring aromatherapy into your morning to awaken your senses. Rain Shower Heads on the market often combine the color LED shower heads with an aromatherapy function that features three scents to relax, stimulate or rejuvenate your soul. Add a countertop aromatic dispenser to your bathroom and keep the entire space smelling fresh.

Keep the Cold Out and Warm Your Soul

In floor heating is a luxury that many of us only dare to dream about. After keeping toasty warm all night long, there is nothing that jolts a person more than those cold tiles on your toes. The cost of installing a radiant in-floor heating system can be alarming, but there are other options out there that will keep you cozy and toasty without breaking the bank.

Foot warming mats are an inexpensive way to recreate in floor heating and can be positioned under a fluffy bath mat for extra comfort. If mats are not your cup of tea, a towel warming rack is a must have for any bathroom. With stand alone, and wall mounted models in various materials and colors, you can find a perfect match for your personal taste. Wrap yourself in warmth every time you step out of the bath or shower. You can also try a free standing folding radiator unit with sleek lines and contemporary design to add a little heat into your bathroom.

No More Scrubbing No More Squinting

Who wants to spend the time to clean their bathrooms to keep them looking pristine? With so many manufacturers now producing self-clean or coated fixtures, you can cut down on cleaning time. There are faucets and shower heads that have spot guard coatings to eliminate pesky water spots. Self Cleaning toilets that keep the bowl looking sparkly clean are available as well. You can also purchase anti-fogging vanity mirrors too so no more worries about not being able to see yourself after a hot shower or bath.

After You have jumped out of that hot shower, it is time to get ready to go, so lighting is essential for grooming. There are small handheld mirrors with lighting, but did you know that there are Vanity mirrors that include that LED lighting to make getting ready a snap. These new vanity mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and include LED lighting strips that give you the perfect amount of light to apply makeup or shave.  Some even include magnified spots or a mirror attached to the opposite side to really see what you are doing up close. That makes for a smooth transition from clean to pristine!

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

When updating your bathroom, don’t forget to take storage into account. You want to be able to enjoy the space, not stress out about why there isn’t any room on your vanity. Storage solutions for bathroom areas have been relatively uninspiring over the years, but with innovative designs coming onto the market, you can make your bathroom functional and fashionable. Some super cool vanity cupboards have come onto the market that when opened, looks like a puzzle box. With secret compartments that can all seamlessly fit back into place, these vanity cupboards are an investment, but give needed storage space in an already confined space.

If the price tag for a new storage vanity is not in the budget, use your vertical space to give you the storage you need. With hanging storage that can be mounted on your bathroom ceiling, to ceiling linen racks, you can build “Up” and have a place for each lotion and potion. Don’t forget a handy storage solution for toilet paper. With options that attach directly to the tank of your toilet, to small towers that also serve as toilet paper dispensers and have subtle footprints, you never have to yell for someone to bring you another roll again.

There are so many cool and unique options to make your bathroom the lap of luxury. HomeAddons  is another great place to find even more information and options to buy, you'll want to check them out! 

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