How To Create A Stellar Bachelor/Bachelorette Pad

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Hi my sweet friends,

I apologize for my blog silence! It's been a little while as life happens am I right? You may notice me posting on a funny day but don't worry next week we'll be back to regular schedule! 

How much fun would it be to have your own space that flares your personality. You are on your own and you want it to scream you BUT you also don't want to scare away and "potentials" am I right?

Creating your stellar pad, either male or female can be so much fun. There are some things to remember before you get to crazy though.

Let me break it down for you.

For the ladies;

You really want to impress your girlfriends or impress that hugely hunky guy you met at a local coffee shop. Then the night comes where you're bringing them over for the first time. For you know *cough cough* dinner and you don't make them run in the other direction screaming.

Let's not;

  1. Go TO girly
  2. Frills = No, well unless tasteful maybe on pillows?
  3. Include some masculine items; such as metals, leathers etc.
  4. Include things you love & show your personality.
  5. Try to hold off on EVERYTHING pink. I know it's a stellar color but just in small doses ok? No Barbie pink dream homes.
  6. Keep it neutral; then you can play with accessories, art and textures

Couch/Floor Lamp/Coffee Table/Owl Art/Chandelier/Wall Clock/Decorative Plate/Pouf/Flamingo Pillow/Vases/Throw/Tall Shelf/Hanging Chair/Rug/Shag Pillow

Can we say hello stylish, feminine, gorgeous bachelor pad?

For the gentleman;

You met a really neat chick and you want to have her over. You want them to think wow this guy has some style. What you don't want them to think is, wow this guy is a slob.

Or you want to have you dudes over for a poker night and want them to feel at home in a guys den?

You can defiantly have best of both worlds my friends.

Let's Keep it;

  1. Clean guys! At least tidy up when you have guests and put those dishes away boys!
  2. Keep it minimal.
  3. Keep it neutral; again your saving grace and then you can add some fun in elsewhere.
  4. Add soft textures; ladies love to touch & feel things and having some soft velvets or tasteful plush will be a bonus!
  5. Don't go to neon crazy: Just saying, having 30 beer neon signs might be a tad overboard. Try 1 or 2 ok?
  6. Fake being a d├ęcor genius; just don't do it ok? If you had help its ok to tell us. We'll actually be more impressed you hired out.
  7. Be yourself; show your real personality, add bits of memories & cherished pieces. Its all about that balance!

Couch/Lamp/Rug/Small Pillow/Couch Pillow/Rino Head/Map/Side Table/Console/Coffee Table/Side Chair/Clock/Leaning Book Shelf/Vases

Hello chic, masculine, sexy bachelor pad nice to meet you.

-"This is your go to guide on creating your stellar bachelor/bachelorette pads. That you can be proud to show off to your dudes/gal pals and potential lovers too."-

That my friends is how you create jealous worthy, girl/boy spaces. This one was not just for the girls this time! We got to show the boys some love to you know.

What do you think? How do you decorate your pad's? I would love to hear your thoughts! Don't forget to comment below!

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