How to create the ultimate cozy bed

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Good morning my peeps,

How are you on this fine morning?

I have a fun & cozy post for you today! So curl up and get comfy. I found this really great resource Havenly that gave me some inspiration for this post. 

Since its the perfect season for it, I wanted share the best ways to make your favorite cozy spot. 

I always think of when you go on vacay and you sink into that hotel bed, and it just squeezes you into the comfort abyss. 

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Bedding/Rug/Wall Sconce/Pillows/Large Knit Blanket

Doesn't this look like a dream? I would want to cozy up in here all day & all night. Such fuzzy textures and smooth sheets wrapped around my face, bliss.

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Here's what you need to make the perfect, ultimate, cozy, never want to get out of bed. 

  • Knit blankets
  • Fur pillows 
  • High thread count sheets 
  • Pillow cases (that tuck in) 
  • Down feathered pillows 
  • Down quilted comforter 
  • Your ideal mattress 
  • Layer up 
  • Top off your mattress 
  • Scents/Inscents
  • Mood lighting or add a bedside lamp
  • Soft rug 

Here's how to achieve that cozy bed;

  • Layer, layer, layer!
  • Spend the money on a good breathable but warm comforter. Either down, feathered, or allergy friendly.
  • Good comfortable pillows
  • Layer the pillows: Go from big to small and add a few decorative ones. You can never have to many but find what you like to be comfortable in. 
  • Try Egyptian cotton, Jersey, or Thermal sheets. Whatever you need for you to make sure its soft and something you want to climb into at the end of the day.
  • Need warmth? Add an electric blanket! Its an added surprise and keeps you nice and cozy in the cold winter months. Pre-heat the bed before you get in so it's not such a shock (disclaimer I wouldn't leave it on all night).
  • Get the perfect mattress: something that hugs your body, but is comfortable or firm to what you like.
  • Don't want a new mattress? Try adding a pillow top. Those are something that really adds a comfortable, squishy touch.
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If you end up making the comfiest, coziest, warmest bed that you never want to get out of. I apologize to your partner and boss now. Just a disclaimer I can not be held responsible as this may happen, so I'm just warning you now! He-he. 

I love the large knit, fur pillows, and a cozy plush comforter to make it big, fluffy, and that just leaves you wanting to crawl right in or flop right down. 

There are so many options to create the most inviting bed. It something that is important to create, as we spend our nights and half of our day sleeping or resting in. So lets create a welcoming, cozy place to snuggle in. 

If you need any help creating your bed you can find me to help here! Or you can also check out the Interior designers at Havenly here. Both great resources to help you along the way and create your dreamiest, coziest bed.

How do you create your coziest bed?

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post rather just sharing resources that I believe in and that you would find helpful for you!