How To Create Your Own Home Gym

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Hi there my lovely people!

How are you today! I have another fun post and I know all of you may appreciate this.

As I have been on my fitness journey for the last few years. I can't help but wonder/think about how to create my own gym at home!

I find most don't like having to go to the gym after work, or once they're home they sit on that couch and call it a night. So what better then creating your own space right at home! No excuses! :)

I find it hard to workout at home if you don't create your own space!

I have a places in my home that I can workout in but I don't have one designated, always ready to go area! I'm either bringing stuff upstairs or downstairs and moving stuff around #notfunctional. This would make a huge difference for me and it's on the cheaper side too.

Here's how to do it:


Pick a spot: Choose a simple spot, low traffic, clutter free, empty room or spot that you feel confident and comfortable in. That you will have enough space to work out in without bumping into anything and have the equipment you need.

Pick equipment: There are tons of equipment to choose from, whether your going for a full force fully equipped gym, or to a space you just need a few things and a mat. Make sure to have the essentials, free weights, yoga mat, exercise ball, stretch & resistance bands & whatever you choose for a cardio machine.

Mirrors: These are a great idea especially if you have a lot of equipment, free weights or free bars. To make sure you are doing the correct form and of course checking your progress out too ;).


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Yoga: Are you going to add yoga mats and equipment or is this just strictly gym equipment? You may want to include a mat, blocks, resistant banks, and towels to have on hand always.Put a hamper in the room for things you need to wash or sanitize after using them.

Decorate to fit you: Don't forget to make it your own! This is your space to de-stress and work that day out of your system. Add personality and pieces that motivate you, inspire you and remind you of your personality. Decorate with personal pieces, accessories or pictures that will make you happy, yet reach for the stars and push your limits. This does no have to be your typical, boring, no character gym.

Lighting: Make sure there is lots of lighting, whether it be natural, or pot lighting. You want to be able to see and use your equipment properly. No getting hurt!

Sound: Think about adding a home sound system to the room or on the cheaper note find a Bose or CD player and crank those tunes while you get your sweat on! Or hey even, headphones and an MP3 player works too.


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As sometimes gyms are expensive, you get stuck in a contract or you just don't have the motivation. Home gyms are a great start and a budget friendly option! Unless you need some serious training equipment or have a large enough space (ahem a mansion) then this is the perfect option.

Just remember to create your go to space, lay everything out, have everything prepped and set out, so all you have to do is start! Hey maybe even a good idea is a white board on the wall and layout your workouts for the week there so you won't forget! ( I am seeing them everywhere and it's genius!)

You'll be feeling good in no time my friends, its all about you this year!

Are you on a health journey too? Do you have your own space you created or do you prefer the gym?

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