How To Create Your Own Meditation Room

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Good morning my friends!

I was excited to post and write out this post. As I have been taking more time to meditate and grow on myself and my own learning. I thought I may not be the only one and what better way to get closer to you then right in your own four walls.

This post Is not just for all of you but for me too! I would love to create my own meditation space to really click in and free my mind after a long day.

"Your space is your oasis, a place to feel comfortable in, grow, learn and relax."

Connecting to yourself and your space can really help you find your way in your design & style and help you love your space even more.

Let's break it down!


Urban Outfitters

Choose a feel-good room: A space that makes you feel happy, calm and inviting. Something that just spoke to you, and said, "this is the space". Make sure there isn't a lot of traffic through the room and it's private enough for you to dive deep.

Clean, Bright & Uncluttered: Make sure it's not cluttered, its clean and organized and there won't be a lot of furniture in the way. The last thing you want to be doing is moving furniture around each time to make it comfortable.


Western Living

Sound: Bring in your CD player or have a built in surround system so you can hit play and be surrounded by running water or a swift breeze through the trees.

Aromatherapy: If you aren't sensitive or find certain smells relaxing. Add scents, candles, incents or a diffuser into the space. Its cleansing, relaxing, and calming especially after a hard days work.

Fresh Air: Open those windows &/or doors and let the fresh air fly! Letting nature in will bring a sense of peace and fly you away to wherever you want to travel to.


Aligned Holistics

Add a personal touch: Add bells, chimes, small Buddha's, greenery/plants, zen gardens, mementos, etc. Whichever makes you happy or you feel you need to add to the space to feel at peace.

Color: A simple or light palette is perfect for this type of space. Some may say that dark and evoking is more relaxing (as it represents a whom) but it's whatever makes you most relaxed & happy.

Lighting: You can use natural lighting, or mood lighting. Whether you like to be able to adjust your lighting, like dark spaces, or bright spaces. Choose which will be right for you.

No technology: Leave those phones, computers and tablets out. This is a space to relax and free your mind of the day, week or hour. You don't want to get annoying chimes, messages or email dings to distract you. Or if your phone is your only choice, put it on the "do not disturb" setting, so nothing will bug you.

Mat, Roller & Chair or Pillows: Which ever you prefer or you can have a variety for when you meditate, relax or perform yoga & breathing exercises. Just make sure you have what you need.


Free People

I would love to create a Zen place, add crystals, crystal bowl drums, and/or a yoga mat and just escape from the day even if just an hour.

I'm even trying to add salt candles and a brighten space my own room. Which has helped loads to make me feel more at peace in my space. More on that in the future! *hint *hint

How would you create your own meditation room?


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