How To Decorate Around The TV

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My decorating pals,

How are you! I hope 2018 has been boding well for you, i still can't believe Valentine's day has come and past and we're that much closer to March.

There's always those last few area's in your home that you just don't know how to fix, decorate, or even touch. So they end up getting left behind and left to drive you nuts. 

Like your TV! Some don't like to see it, some what it the focal point, some want it hidden forever.

Usually it ends up being the focal point of the room but there are ways to blend it in?

Here are some genius ones. 

So many simple, budget friendly, and ingenious ways to have it hidden in plain sight.

Picture gallery wall

Have a lot of frames you want to hang but no where to hang them? Try the good old gallery wall, it will blend and look just like one of the frames.


Decorative plate gallery wall

It dosen't always have to be just frames you can hang your plates too. You get a two for one deal, you hide your TV and displaying your collection!


Miss Mustard Seed

Frame it

This is budget friendly, and a really cool way to make it more of a conversational starter and easy way to make your tv more of a decorative feature.


Accessorize it

Style it with accessories, lamps, baskets, make it fun, textured, and your own. To again take away the focus of the big black shiny thing on the wall. 


Build it in

To make it sleek and stylish and hide all those wires. It'll feel like it's apart of your home.



Build shelving around it and stylize them to fit your character and family. This will add a personal touch and lead the eye up and around. 


A Diamond in the Stuff

Some of those ideas are genius, I actually really like the idea of framing it in. They look so easy, and you can do those for a fun weekend project! I love the look of blending it in or making it the focal point without it looking just like a big black box.

Even though tv designs now-a-days are more slim and stylish, sometimes we still want to hide the everyday things. 

How do you style your tv?