How To Decorate Like Nate Berkus

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Hi friend!

Have you ever sat and watched HGTV and wondered how on earth you could decorate like them. Or sit in awe of how Nate Berkus makes everything seem so easy?

I know because I sometimes feel the same. Yes even decorators can feel the same pains too.

But I found some ways on how to decorate just like Nate, that will make your neighbors sit in awe:

  • Add textured pieces: Nate loves texture to add interest to a room. Don't be afraid of using different textures in one.
  • Add statement pieces: those statements pieces create conversation, almost like ice breakers.
  • Use vases but leave them on their own: Just beautiful vases that's it.
  • Style is collected:
  • Break the rules:
  • Variety of fabrics: Use multiple fabrics, textures and styles.
  • Choose the tuffed coffee table: comfy table that's multi-functional? Perfect.
  • Forget about symmetry:
  • Buy pieces that have longevity:
  • Cultivate your style:
  • Redecorate around your sofa: the couch is your eye catcher, but you want a change? change side tables, lamps accessories around to give it a new look.

Just from looking at his line and how he designs, he's an innovator but also thinks outside the box. Not scared to evolve with the times but knows what he likes.




Ambient Lighting

Just some eye candy for you. This is just a snippet too.

Have you checked out Nate's blog?! It's so cool and gives some great advice.

Then once you've read that, you can check out his line at Target for more eye candy. #yourwelcome.

Oh how I love target, oh how I miss it in Canada.

So many pretty things.

What are you going to do to have a little taste of Nate in your home?

Disclaimer: This is no way a sponsored post, just want to express and share my advice on a Designer I look up to. While sharing resources with all of you.