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Hi my friends!

How has your week been going? I hope well! As mine has been crazy, productive and great but a little tiring :). I've been learning to add more me time and take things as they come, I want to enjoy every process, adventure and day. So going slowly and being thankful for whatever is going on and taking the time to breath without guilt is where it's at my friends.

Since I've been planning and designing a new layout and look for my room, you can see here. I've been thinking about small spaces and how to make it flow better. Since my room is rather small and weirdly spaced, I had to figure out a layout that would work.

How was I going to make it flow?

You've probably heard of Feng Shui before, but do you know much about it or how to do it? I even needed a brusher up course myself, I did a project on it in college so I remember a bit but that was a while ago..feeling old moment.

I figured you I would share how to do it with you because you may be finding it hard to plan your space or that you just can't get it to flow quite right.

Here's how to introduce it to your space;

Have clear walkways and paths throughout the home: clear the clutter and unorganized spaces, create pathways with enough space to walk around without bumping, stepping or tripping over things.

Fix broken, unloved pieces: Fixing pieces that are broken will create an overall feeling of good chi, you have fixed an unloved piece which is now no longer bothering you and isn't your focus each time you enter the room.

Rid of all unloved and unwanted accessories & furniture: Rid of all unwanted, unloved and hated pieces. You want to create a space that represents you and having pieces that you don't care for will bring the chi in your room down. Fill it with mementos and memories that will bring you happiness instead.

Add plants & greenery to your home: Adding plants to your home will bring clean & pure air to the space and will liven a room and make it feel happy.

Furniture placement: Place furniture in places that make sense, don't make a room feel too boxed cutter. Bring in the furniture from the wall to create an inviting conversation area, make a bright and inviting kitchen that promotes health & wealth, go through each room and decide what the most functional spot for each piece is and if it "feels good".

Bed placement: Place your bed in a commanding area, somewhere you can feel safe and in charge.

Water Features: Add a water fountain or water feature to the entry or foyer of the home. It brings good spirit and energy. As well as represents good chi as soon as you walk in.

Mirrors: Mirrors reflect light and give a sense of more space. It can brighten any room and make it feel larger instantly.

So there we have it!

How would you Feng Shui your space? Is it important to you or have you even thought about it?

But for some, it can be really important to have that clear flow.

This is were my Decor Organizer came in handy, as I can plan everything out and use the grid and to scale templates to space plan. Now I won't forget my plan or the pesky paint color if there is touch ups to do.

I haven't really practiced Feng Shui enough myself but a lot of the elements you can add, I've seemed to have added. There are certain placements and features to do it properly. But I usually go by feeling, that's just me though!

If you'd love to delve deep in more about Feng Shui check out Ann Bingley who is an New York City Feng Shui expert, her site breaks down a lot of useful information and is simple enough to follow!

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