How To Find The Perfect Window Treatment

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Good Morning Lovelies!

I know that window treatments can sometimes be daunting or overwhelming.  Finding the right one and making sure the function will work for you is not always easy.

I know there are so many out there that have had difficulty choosing the perfect window treatment. Let me tell you, your definitely not the only one my friends.

So I'm breaking it down for you to make it really easy to get exactly what you want and need. Don't forget to stick around to the end because there is a little something for you too.

Window Covering Choices;

Curtains (blackout/reg); There are 2 different kinds of curtains, one with no lining and one with blackout lining. You can buy sized pre-made ones or have them custom made. Depending on the fabric and pattern or the size you need them, they may need to be custom made. The blackout curtains are for those light sleepers, shift workers or baby & children's rooms who need it to be dark. Regular curtains will block some of the light but will not block all. Perfect for a living or dining room, you can either make it look more formal or put together.

Romans; These are super functional as well as stylish. Great for any space and comes in a variety of different options. Such as fabric, bamboo & wood. Some come already made but most are custom only. You can have blackout fabric added to the back if requested. Keep in mind when measuring to go a bit outside the window if you need complete darkness. Perfect for any room in the home, you can dress it up or dress it down depending on the material or fabric used. 

Blinds; There are too many options in this category. Metal, Wood, PVC, Plastic and more. They can be cut to size on the spot or ordered in depending on the size you need. Perfect for all rooms of the home which gives a more causal, contemporary feel. 

Rollers; These aren't my entire favorite, but are great options for a quick fix. They do tend to be a bit fussy so be careful putting these up. If the room is used a lot or it's in a high traffic area, this may not be the best option. Perfect for a Bedroom which you can dress up with putting drapes or a valance on the ends to cover the mechanics. 

Valances; A decorative option for any style window to jazz it up or add some interest! This option is a bit dated but a lot of people still love the finished look.

Film; These are a really cool option, if you don't like the bulkiness of having anything on your windows. Or you have an amazing view you just can't cover. Try film instead! They have some with UV & sunlight protection as well.

Shutters; These are always in high demand & a trendy option but not always the cheapest. If you have the money to invest I highly suggest shutters. They are easy to clean and easy to use & maintain. They're stylish and come in a variety of options and plus a great selling feature if you ever plan on moving.

Tips to remember when choosing the right covering;

  • Feel & ambiance of the room
  • How much the window is in use
  • Budget
  • Style of the room
  • Do you need privacy?
  • Do you need light control?
  • How much is the room used?

Some simple tips and ideas to help you get over your window blues. 

I created just the thing for you and you can print it and have it with you always.


Window Measuring Guide.png
Window Hanging Guide.png

Use this measure cheat sheet when measuring your windows or use the curtain cheat sheet for when you are hanging your curtains.

How did you choose yours?

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