How To Get The Perfect Scandinavian Look In Your Home

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Hello my decorating pals,

Oh today I am excited! I am talking all about a new trend that is making it's way to many Home's doorsteps.

I have been seeing this style a lot lately and it seems to have become a hit. It's a big hit on Instagram & Pinterest lately and I want to let you in on it as well!

Scandinavian Decor!

My friend's they are doing something right in Scandinavia because this decor trend is awesome. So simple yet classic and chic, and I feel like any home can pull it off.


Apartment Therapy

Here's how to get your own Scandinavian style in your home.

Go neutral - Stick to your neutral like whites & light grays and dash in those natural materials here and there. Simple, clean but warm and inviting.

Perfect the lived in look - make sure the space feels clean but also that people live there. Don't make it so sleek & generic that it feels cold and sterile, leave a few things out of place or not as "perfectly" thrown on. Make it comfortable and welcoming for your family and or guests.

Embrace the messy bed - leave it messy! A thrown on blanket at the end and pillows placed around. Go for the unfinished, messy, slept in look.

Natural Materials - Add textures, character and warmth to the space with woods, leathers, wicker, stone, wool etc. Used throughout the space & floor to make the the home feel like the outside came in.

De-clutter is key - making yourself feel better as well as the space feeling lighter. This is the best way to capture and make the best use out of your space. Get rid of things you don't need or that don't serve a purpose anymore BUT, bring in things that create storage in the most unique ways. Such as a couch lifting and has storage underneath, tables opting as an ottoman and so on. Clean lines, a sleek look but also provides a practical and functional piece.

Add Texture - Through pillows, natural materials, wall finishing's & materials, furniture and accessories, try to add texture to a regular all white room with just your regular everyday items. 


SF Girl By Bay

Oh this style is so pretty and makes me happy. My favorite part is the natural materials & tan leather's that seem to be so popular in this style. I love the pop of tan. Masculine yet you throw a fur throw on it and its a bit more feminine, best of both worlds am I right?!

There is also a book by Niki Brantmark from My Scandinavian Home.  Who talks all about how to find your own Scandinavian style and better yet shows you, It's called My Scandinavian Home. You will want to check it out!

What do you think? Would you do this in your own home?

**Disclaimer; this is not a sponsored post, I am just providing some great tips and resources to check out if you want to create your own Scandinavian look. I only support things I believe in and love.


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