How To Go Green At Home

Hi friends!

So we're talking about something a little different today. Helping the environment, is something we are more self-aware and need to talk about. It is becoming more of a trend each year, from planting tree's, recycling, new home design, green gardens etc.

You too can do something, right in your very own home might I add. 

There are so many companies taking the green approach, it's heart warming. Its more important now then ever to start doing something about our environment. We're hurting it every day and it's the thing that gives us life. So why not help to make it better.

How do you do that you ask? I'll show you!


  • Low flow faucets (add aerators)
  • Cut fridge wondering to a minimum
  • Shop using your own recycled bags 
  • Use glassware instead of plastic 
  • Use jars & containers to store food
  • Set up your garbage & recycling centers - to make it easy & convenient for you.
  • Ditch paper towels - use clothes & towels instead


  • Low flow faucets, shower head, & toilet
  • Organic materials & cotton
  • Ceramic tiling
  • Better ventilation
  • Recycled glass tiles 


  • Low VOC paint
  • Milk/Chalk paint
  • Natural paint 


  • LED lighting
  • Fluorescent lighting 
  • Eco/Recycled/Reused lamps & fixture materials 
  • Use all the natural light!
  • Turn lights off when not in use
  • Add dimmer switches & motion sensors
  • Start using Solar powered 


  • Organic materials
  • Re-purposed furniture & materials
  • Recycled & Disassemblable
  • Low toxicity furniture
  • Buy local or vintage


  • Energy efficient appliances (kitchen & laundry room)
  • Induction/Electric
  • Look for energy star rated appliances

Cleaning supplies

  • Green & eco friendly cleaning products & detergents
  • DIY your own home products  


  • Repurposed and recycled flooring 
  • Bamboo
  • Cork 
  • Organic materials 

Air Quality

  • Humidifier 
  • Scents: Candles (organic)
  • Diffuser & Essential oils 

Here's a cool info-graphic to get even more ideas. I shared a tip with Arhaus to create this. Arhaus is a company that takes going green to another level. Their sectional couches are made with 100% organic fabrics and refurbished wood. The perfect place to start looking for your green materials & furniture.


How important is going green to you?

I know it might seem daunting, expensive, and unattainable. But anything helps, even if it's just a small change. You can start small and over time build bigger, don't feel with a list like this you need to tackle it all at once. 

You, Mother Earth, future kids & families will thank you.

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