How To Layout A Bathroom

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Hey friends!

I am getting pretty excited as I have finally booked my trip to England to visit a friend I haven't seen in a while. Needless to say I am counting down the days!! I am so excited to explore, go on adventures, try new things & food and see all the amazing architecture and homes. Talk about making a design loving heart a happy one!

I seem to be on a Kitchen and Bathroom rampage this past couple weeks, I'm not exactly sure why but I m going with it.

As I talked about Kitchen layouts last week, it's time to cover some Bathroom layouts!! They go hand in hand in design and so much fun to map out. If you are thinking about re-doing or re-designing your powder or master bath then this is the post for you!

Here are some basic layouts for bathrooms of any size. Options are endless with bathrooms so these are just to get the design juices flowing.

While powder rooms are often small and the layouts tend to be the same. Larger bathrooms have more space to play with where you can have more fun with the designs.

Some Things To Remember:

  • If your plumbing and electrical is already in place (windows included), your design will have to be placed around that. Unless you are doing a full gut and are re positioning things.
  • DO NOT place any electrical outlets by or near a water source. A GFI outlet is a must in a bathroom.
  • Leave 36" for entry way.
  • Leave enough room between cabinets, toilet and/or shower/bath for comfortable walking or movement. About 32-36".
  • Have fun with it! Create your own get away and oasis. Add fun gadgets, faucets, jets, a sound system (if budget allows), lighting and materials to create your own room with personality.

Bathroom Layout 1.jpg

Corner his & her sinks, toilet and bidet with a built in jet tub. Plus a walk in shower with wall jet's is a place I would want to be. 

Bathroom Layout 2.jpg

His and hers sinks are a popular add -on to a any bathroom. Who wants to fight for space girls am I right? This is a simple yet functional bathroom for any home.

Bathroom Layout 3.jpg

A large bathroom, adds more space for fun and design. His and her sinks, paired with a beautiful free standing tub AND a corner shower. What more can an oasis ask for? 

With bathroom layouts it tends to be not as cookie cutter as Kitchen layouts are. You have more options to choose from and design almost freely. Of course to a certain extent with plumbing, electrical etc.

These are just a few quick ideas & layouts to give you somewhere to begin and you can play from there.

Which one would you choose? Did one grab you or are you still a bit lost?


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