How To Layout A Killer Bachelor Apartment

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Good Morning my fellow home owners and lovers.

Oh I was excited to hit post on this one today! This one was a fun one because I got to draw, render and sketch. Which in turn is my favorite part of design work (besides the beginning, middle and end so pretty much everything).

Moving into your first apartment or place is always so exciting. A fresh start, a chance to make it your own and a place to finally have for you shoe & purse collection (is that just me?)

You love this new space  but are having envisioning how everything you own is going to fit. You've got limited space and much more than limited stuff and you don't want to say goodbye just yet. 

Don't worry been there, done that and I think I may have a solution so you won't be saying goodbye to those pretty gold pumps and you'll have space to spare.

Here are some creative, unique solutions AND 3 layouts I designed to help you know exactly where to start.


Option #1: With a one wall kitchen and a galley like space. You can add storage where you need. Wall storage & floating shelving. Inviting decor & rug to make it feel homey yet bright. Use multi purpose furniture such as a bed with built in storage, a dining table as your desk, TV unit with storage drawers & shelves while lastly behind the door hanging storage units for shoes, clothes or towels. 


Option #2: Try switching it up! Think outside the box and use your space wisely, buy ottomans or furniture that act as a storage box or seating.


Option #3: Try to have fun with this and add your favorite accessories in bright colors to make the space feel bright and inviting. Stick with neutrals on the walls to keep the space feeling light & large. Think about buying a pullout couch for when you have the unsuspected crasher or even for your own bed so you have more room to work with. 

I know new places and small spaces can seem daunting and I hope those drawings give you some guidance and options! There are so many options out there and ways to make it work. Just keep trying until it works for you!

Here are just a few more secrets I wanted to share.

Unique Tips & Storage Idea's;

  • Command Strips: I've said it before and Ill say it again these little strips, should be in EVERYONE'S home & shopping list. You can hang all your accessories, scarfs. hats, purses, coats, blow dryers, shoes and more.
  • Use unconventional storage & furniture to optimize space: space is limited so using pull out couch or a wall folding table as a desk & eating space will not only take up less space but make your apartment feel functional and like home.
  • Use unconventional seating: use pillows, poufs, ottomans, benches, folding chairs etc. To create more seating as well as functional & useful for the space at hand
  • Rolling Hanger Racks: Use this for your clothes, purses, towels or whatever you need. Its a cool unique decorating piece and you can easily DIY this yourself.

This was a fun little project to get my creative juices flowing, and create ideas to make you all who just rented/bought a bachelor feel confident decorating & moving in!

Do you have any more to add to the list? Which layout do you prefer?


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