How To Love Your Home

Hi my sweets! 

Happy you're here today! As I have a super fun and exciting post for you today.

I want to talk to you about creating a home that you will love and be comforted in for years to come. 

"Be sure to read the full post as I have a special lovely guest interior designer with a blog post you won't want to miss!

I know a lot of people struggle with this, and keep wondering and asking how on EARTH they are going to love their space, and if ever.

They either settle because that's what they have right now, or they devour themselves in pinterest wishing their home looked like someone else's, and eventually end up hating their space even more.

I don't want that for you anymore.

So today I will be giving you ideas and a guide to give you a home that you, your family, your guests & your friends will feel comfortable, conversate, and feel like their at home.

You can be in any place and still create a space that you can call your home. You can love your space, and still make it yours even if its for just right now. 

I promise.

When I first moved into my first apartment I hated it, it just didn't feel like me and I couldn't figure out what it needed.

Until I started finding my style journey and what I wanted to acheive without all the noise of Pinterest and social media.

I FINALLY created a space that made me happy and I fell in love with it.

I was excited to come home and I took care of it way more then before. Because I made it me and I enjoyed every part of it.

These are my easiest ways to be happy at home, that will change your life & your soul for the better.

What you love: Use what makes you happy, makes your heart skip a beat, what brings back happy memories or that warms your soul. That is what having a home is about no? Those pieces that jump out a you and scream "BUY ME" those are what I'm talking about, go after those!

Stop the comparison game: My friends this is HUGE. With so much out there such as internet, Instagram, Pinterest etc. We start comparing, we start wishing our space would look like that. Then we start judging our own home and then this isn't "Insta worthy" or "Pinterest ready" or I need to change this or remodel this like that starts happening all over. But that's not realistic my friends, there is so much pressure everywhere and your home is supposed to be your safe haven, lets keep it that way! Don't get me wrong, gander, look and get inspiration but keep in mind not every space will work with what you see. Make sure it works for you, your home, your family and your lifestyle. Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

Start slow: THIS is where everything changed for me, until I really found my groove and started with a blank slate. This was when I really started loving the process and finding happiness in my home. I found what I really loved and what I didn't want anymore, what didn't fit and what worked even better. Slow and steady wins the race and will provide you with the truest representation of you. Less money, less moving, more YOU.

Bye Social media: I would take a break from social media, just like comparing it gives you time to breath and really find out what you want not what you see and THINK you want/need. You'll feel refreshed and ready for some serious action.

Mementos: Using things that represent an adventure, or that were handed down or from when you were a kid. They generate conversation and bring back memories that you would love to relive. It causes reminisce and you to love seeing it everyday. Who doesn't want to come home and smile am I right?

Create from scratch: This is a good way to really get a feel for the space, live with it in it's empty glory, live with it with furniture but only your bare necessities and then grow from there. You can get a feel for what you really want to achieve and see the best fit for layout & if you need anything more.

Which leads to introduce to you our guest, interior designer and lovely lady! I told you, you didn't want to miss this.

This is Jessica, She is an Interior Designer and blogs over at  Three Lime Pines that will explain all about how you can achieve a comfy home of your dreams. You won't want to miss this post.

Three Lime Pines

Jessica is an Interior Designer of 8 years and created Three Lime Pines to help empower women to live healthy, organized lives. Who loves to give back to her community and help others achieve their happy places. On her down time she loves to hike (my kinda adventure) and spends time with her husband.

Click the link Three Lime Pines and check out her awesome tips to help your guests feel like they never left their own home!

We all want to make our home comfortable and welcoming to others. Its important that not only do we feel at home, but the ones we love, care for and have fun with are feeling that way too.

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