How to Make a Child's Playroom

Good Morning my Decor buds!

I love kids rooms and designs lately so I thought I would come up with a design of a kids play room for all you mama's out there.

Keep in mind when designing a kid's play room, have fun with it, think outside the box but remember your essentials:

  • storage
  • a table ( that your ok with getting dirty)
  • A play kitchen or grocery store 
  • Teepee/Fort 
  • A fun but comfortable rug

Have your essentials and build from there! Add pops of colour or keep it muted depending on the style. The good thing about these rooms is you can change it as they grow, or you can have them grow with the room. Play rooms are supposed to be where kids can create & imagine, so don't stress to much on perfection.

I designed a room for some inspiration for you.

Child's Playroom.png

Shelf/Kitchen/Craft Table/Rug/Giraffe/Teepee/Bean Bag/Tall Shelf/Rope Chandelier

I LOVE those tents for kids, honestly there is so much cool stuff out lately I want some of this stuff myself hehe. How awesome is that Giraffe storage basket?

What do your kids rooms look like?