How to Make A Room Flow

How To Make A Room Flow.png

Hey my peeps,

I usually get a lot of questions about how to make each room flow in your home. How do you make it all tie together? Especially if you have different styles coming together. 

I'm here to give you the easy way of doing that

How to Keep it a Flow;

  • Use same colours throughout - example: if you use a yellow pillow in one room use a yellow vase or clock in another.

  • Use similar accessories - example: if you use plants and little decorative bowls in one, use plants, decorative plates and baskets in another.

  • Use similar styles & furniture throughout - example: if you use a Victorian couch with a contemporary dresser then in another room use a Victorian dressing table with a contemporary bed.

  • Don't be afraid to have pops of color or uniqueness to give a room its own flare.

  • Add similar architectural features - example: if you use an arch in one doorway, use drapes in an arch shape on a window in another room.

  • Not every room has to “match” - not every room has to have the same pillows, accessories or bedspreads. That might end up making it look so overwhelmingly the same you hate it even more.

  • Use similar textures & fabrics - example: if you use rattan and basket weave in one room, use basket weave and fur in the next.

  • Use similar flooring/Rugs - example: if you use a floral rug in one room, pick a colour out of that rug to use in the next room in that rug.

You can see picking each little piece to be the same or similar in each space, will make it feel more cohesive. Not matchy, matchy, dysfunctional or just thrown together.

Its a bit more strategic but in the end it will give you the best & most comfortable results.

Using similar things throughout, not exactly the same will keep it together and make sense in each room BUT will keep it different enough that each room is still a separate space.

You’l home will feel more cohesive and make sense together.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to keep your home from feeling out of place and to keep it all a flow. Unless you want it or have it designed eclectic or like each room to be completely separate/different! #nojudgementhere

These are simple steps to follow and will still keep it unique to you.

How do you keep your rooms flowing together?