How To Make Your Own Hanging Wool Macrame

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Good Morning lovely ladies & gents,

I decided once I finished my bedroom, that I needed something a little extra and I've ALWAYS wanted a macrame hanging piece but they were a bit out of my price range.

Once I figured out I could DIY it, I was super excited to get started and it's an easy, fun weekend project! 

I know how not budget friendly they can be and how popular and on trend they are so, I thought this was a great alternative.

I broke it down into steps for you, so you can make one too! 


Things you will need;

  • Scissors 
  • Yarn/Wool/Macrame (colors are up to you!)
  • Wood spool
  • Nail
  • Hammer 
  • String

Step 1: Cut your string pieces and start tieing them to the spool and slide them over. Keep adding until it is full enough. Don't worry about fixing the bottom just yet. 


Here's how I tied them.


Step 3: Cut the bottom to look how you wanted. I cut it so it went longer inward. You can also knot it and play around with the style. This is where you have fun and ultimately decide how you want it to look and sit while hanging.


Final step; Is to hang it up where you want to show it off! I hung it on a nail and a piece of the wool attached to the wood spool. 


I LOVE how it look and adding the grey in it's now perfect. I thought it needed something extra as it kind of floated on the wall with just the white.  

You can do any color you want and it's so budget friendly. I just picked up everything at Micheal's and it was max $10-$15! Plus I have some wood spool and yarn left, I can even make another one. 


It's add's interest to the wall and I ADORE how it looks and what it adds to the room. I've always wanted one so Im thrilled I could make my own. It may not look professional but it works for me! 

Its something easy and you can do while watching a movie, relaxing out or a quick weekend DIY.

Have you made one yourself one for yourself?