How To Mix Patterns Like The Pro's

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Hi friends!

Good morning and how have you all been doing?! I celebrated more of my birthday this weekend by going up north for a little getaway. Which I am trying to get back into routine and it's been a bit difficult to come out of vacation mode! A long weekend never seems to be enough, you find your groove and then BAM you have to leave again! Nature, fishing, hiking and relaxation without any interruption is always my kind of jam. How about you?

Ok back on track.

I get asked a lot about how to mix certain patterns, colors, and textures together. There's also the question of how you want to add more interest & pattern but you already have a lot going on, and lastly you want to add more color but unsure of what goes together.

Whew! Lots to answer BUT I have solutions for all.

I want to assure you that you can mix patterns, colors, and styles while still creating a home that flows.

That won't leave you feeling overwhelmed or feel that the space is too complicated/"too much". After these tips you will have confidence to mix patterns together like the pro's.


Dimples and Tangles - She has a PERFECT example of a home mixed with tons of pattern & color.

First take a look at color: Start with your dominate pattern, and choose a color or something similar out of it with your next choices. So let's say you are choosing a green, purple & white paisley, choose your next pillows as a solid green, a velvet purple and a fun stripe. Stick to the same hue if your colors are pastel don't add in a fushia pink, keep it consistent.

Don't forget to layer: Layer up! It's adds depth and character so have fun with it. 

Vary Your Scale: Use varying scales to keep from the patterns competing with one another. Remember when placing your patterns, that big patterns work best on big furniture and medium on furniture with a small pattern & accessories.

Add different textures: Add a fun velvet, chevron, corduroy or fur. Its adds a bit of character and awakens those senses we all use. Who doesn't like feeling or cuddling up to a soft furry pillow? Am I right? 

Balance It out: Remember balance is key, not only do you want to balance the scale, you want to balance the space! So make sure you equally place throughout.

Odd Numbers: Patterns work best in odd numbers 3,5,7.

Keep it throughout: Add the same texture, color, accessories, pattern whichever, throughout your home! So if you use a paisley curtain in one room, use a paisley pillow In the next and so on. It keep the interest throughout and a sense of flow for the whole home, which makes it feel


Inspired By Charm

Mixing patterns can feel scary I know, but knowing these tips I hope will help you feel more at ease knowing that there aren't any magical tricks or rules. 

Here's a few examples for all you visual folks (like myself)!

Hand Woven Tassel Cushion | Cream Solid Cushion | Cream Diamond Cushion

So you can create a comfortable, pattern friendly room! There are so many beautiful patterns out there and I want you to be able to use them.

"Think outside the box and have fun! Isn't that what it's all about?"

How do you mix patterns?


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