How To Move Into A Larger Home

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Happy TGIF Friends!

I was doing some thinking and because I've moved back home to a smaller space, I thought about those who move to a bigger space. Wondering how they know what to buy and if they have enough with what they own so far.

Then I thought, hey I'm probably not the only one thinking that! 

So I put together these tips for you that I couldn't resist but to post! To answer all those questions and have your move in day a happy & exciting one. 

First:  Jot down everything you have and how many room (or even square feet) you had. Then if you have a home chosen find out how many more square feet and rooms you are gaining. It'll help to have a list of everything you already own and then break it down by each room. You can then make a want or need list to buy. Your planning ahead and will make the moving day that much easier. You've laid it all out per room and then on moving day you'll know exactly where everything is going. 

Second: Create a budget for your new want and need list. Find out your; I can't live without's, I really need, I want or that can wait. Break it down and figure out how much you have and how much you can spend and then you can start preparing & saving. 

Third: Essentials to have;

  • Storage bins, boxes & baskets; guys you will want as much of these as possible.
  • Family & Friends helping hand; make it a party, invite friends and family over to help move, paint or unpack. Dont forget to supply all the drinks, food and booze (yes booze,they'll thank you).
  • Movers; secret tip, ask to see if they have a service where you can pay extra to have them unpack the boxes for you.
  • A box of essentials; a box of all of your essentials to have a happy life, until you are all unpacked.
  • Food; get what you need for now, make a list of what your bringing and then figure out what more you'll need. Then you'll have a grocery list already prepared and you won't have to wait long to stock up.
  • Your plan and layout; use your plan/layout of your space. Start putting & planning where your furniture will go. Then you can lump everything per room and on moving day you can quickly find its place and your on your way!
  • Fun!!; Make it fun peeps, these are the most stressful days and you want to make it fun for everyone. Put on some tunes, be in good company and don't rush. It will get done and just remember no one cares if there are still boxes laying around. As long as you are happy and comfortable no one will notice!.

Fourth: Start moving in and you'll get to know your space from there. You may need to add a few more things as you go. You can try to be prepared as much as you can but sometimes it's the little things you miss. Like accessories, storage solutions, kitchen supplies and more that you'll end up needing more off. Being prepared and planning it out will become a lot easier then going in blind.

Fifth: Get in and paint before!! Guys I am telling you this might be the most important step. Getting in early (or if you can get the keys early) or have a painter come in and quote the space. If it's in the budget or worth it to you (especially if your moving to a larger home) then do it. It will be that much nicer to know all you need to do is decorate then knowing you have to paint each room, then unpack. It's a time saver and will make everyone happy, because if your like me? You do not want to paint an entire house. #nothankyou

Sixth: Get organized! If your like me, an organizing freak or if your not as organized it is key to a good move-in day! You will thank me on this one. Organize all your boxes by room & label each one (you can pre-make them or a good old marker will do). If you want to get even more involved. You can write out what's in each box and number them. It will then be easier to go back and figure out what's in each and you won't have to search through 30 boxes to find your measuring cups. The list goes on but the main point is, being overly prepared when moving out will make moving day that much better. 

Now once your all moved in and your adding the finishing touches or your not sure how to style or make your house a home. This is where I can fly in with my decor cape & measuring tape to make your perfect space a reality.

With these tips your moving day will be happy & smooth sailing. Which will then put a stress free smile on your face & your heart skip a beat! Here's to enjoying your new space.

Did you do anything different when moving into a larger home?


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