How to Organize Your Home

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Hi my super hero friends! 

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of family, love and full tummies. Plus enjoy all that shopping but be careful out there!! 

In light of Black Friday, sales and special launches I have a special post for you today!

Your jumping on the renovation bandwagon are you? Or your re-decorating your place? Now that overwhelming feeling or that you won't have a kitchen or stove for 3 months and my house will be a unorganized nightmare sets in.

Don't worry it's normal.

BUT I have something that will take that away.

It will make you an renovation organizing expert & make your reno/redecorate run with out a hitch. Last but not least you will have all the plans, numbers, paint colors, budgets, labels, inspiration all in one simple spot.

How do you ask?

Well let me tell you.


A Home Organizer

Pretty sweet right?

I am so excited to finally give you a sneak look into the greatest organizer out there! I think so but I'm biased, so I'll let you decide by all this awesome info and pictures.

It has everything you need from;

Templates & Grids; to space plan the HECK out of your room. Then you will no longer hit your hip on that stupid side table.

Color Scheme & Color by room;  then you'll remember what that blue color is in the bathroom or where the pink goes again?

Mood Board Templates; you can be inspired & motivated by what your creating. Then you have a path to follow to a finished result.

Calendars; you can break down when & what is happening which day and have a reminder if something big is coming up.

Measurement Pages; you will have complete room measurements so you can make sure you buy the right size couch and not the one that you thought was going to fit and ended up being to small.

and so much more...

I think the MOST exciting thing about the organizer is the templates and grid.

I know  it's not entirely the easiest thing to find these on the fly. Or you have to buy it or pay someone who does it for you and what if your doing it DIY or all on your own?

You can print it easily in either standard or A5 so you can plan your little heart out at anytime, any day, 365 days a year.

I wish I had this when I was planning, this would've been a SUPER handy little treat to have in my pocket.

This little organizer I designed is to make your home & your lives function better & smoother. With this book you won't have to remember EVERY little thing that you need to do, like we need to remember anymore am I right?

Pre-launching is happening so soon my friends, you do not want to miss out. Seriously.

Keep your eyes peeled or jump on my email list because I will be sending an email when it's ready to go live! If you not on the list, there's a handy button above so you can do so! 

Of course if you do you will be a forever VIP and be in the know first. You will also have first dibs & receive tips only my VIP's receive that don't show up on the blog.

See you guys soon! You all rock serious butt.

What do you guys think!? How excited are you?!

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