How To Organize A Pantry & A Pantry Reveal Plus A Weekly Menu


Good morning sweet friends!

I hope you had a great weekend and a great start to your week. Today I have a post that I have been meaning to share for a while but couldn't tell you why it took so long to share.

I'm going through how I organized my pantry and share some tips with you on how to organize yours too! I have been on a organizing streak lately and even went through my kitchen cupboards on Sunday and got rid of everything I haven't used or don't need anymore. What a great feeling! I donated everything and now every time I open the cupboards I smile, because they're so clean now (spring cleaning much? I need to tackle my cold cellar next).

Now I am excited to share my pantry but it was a MESS before. It's actually a little embarrassing how I let it get that bad. Now no judgment ok?


See how I wasn't lying? It was pretty crazy in there, one of those close the door and pretend it's all good kinds of things. (is that just me?)

So I took a trip with my fiancé to Wal-Mart to find some bins and the dollar store to find some Tupperware containers. Is it just me or does anyone else LOVE the dollar store. They literally have everything, it's the best. Ok moving on!


I then got these awesome chalk board labels as well. So then I can label all of my containers, so I don't forget what kind of flour is in each one (it's happened).

So once I got everything out of the pantry I purged! I got rid of anything we had doubles of, didn't use or was expired, needless to say we DEFINATELY needed to do that.

Then I got my containers cleaned & washed and all sorted out! I put snacks and everything that's in boxes into the containers. This is a great space saver, then there's not an abundance of boxes taking up valuable shelving space.

Next we got these AMAZING bins I found at Wal-Mart, aren't these awesome? Rustic and metal with cloth inserts, great for washing if you need to and hold a bunch of stuff. I believe they were 14.99$ and at that price you can not go wrong, plus they fit perfectly.

Once I got the other shelves reorganized and set I got all the can's and bottles organized too. I bought this cute little shelf rack and it fit all my cans, jams,  honey and sauces perfectly! This is a great space saver because it allows you to put more on the shelf while still being able to reach everything.

Now I guess no reveal would be complete without a little before and after!

Some things to remember & tips to help;

  • Give yourself some time, it may take a few days or a few trips to make sure you have everything you need.
  • Keep the dates off of the packages (cut out the best before dates and stick them on the container, or write the date on the labels).
  • Although I liked these labels, I ended up not using them as much as I thought. The chalk would rub off so easily and with washing it was difficult to keep up with it. So now they're more of decoration. Try to find the most functional writing tool to work for you. I think I might try a permanent pen instead.
  • Bins, baskets and containers will be your best friends for this type of project.
  • Do what's most functional and easiest for your family.
  • If you have children, you can set up a system to make making lunches/snacks simple & easy.

Now that it functions SO much better for me and my family, the space is used so much more now. Its easy to grab things and know where snacks and goodies are, and what we need more of. Great for quick grocery count days, grabbing snacks for lunches etc.

In the spirit of organizing, pantries & groceries I made up Menu plan for you guys! That way you can plan your week ahead and buy all the groceries needed for those meals.

Just hit the button above and you'll get access to my Lovely Library where your plan will be! Plus all of the printable pages I've made in the past!. Go and check it out!

This was such a fun project, as well making my organizing heart feel awesome. This was easy and relatively cheap to accomplish and all you need is a weekend and some time. Now that is organized and done I couldn't think of it being any other way friends!


Have you reorganized something recently? How did you make it functional? Tell me in the comments below, I always love hearing from you!

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