How To Refinish A Side Table

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Good morning sweet friends,

Today I am excited to share with you, what I did with this not so nice looking table.

Although the green wasn't entirely all that bad, it was sturdy and It called to me so I scooped it up. I found it at an antique shop one weekend while I was hunting.

I shared this picture a while back on instagram and I hadn't posted about yet. I finally get to show you all what I did with it and where it is now!

Antique Find Table.JPG

Let's start from the beginning;

First my dad and me planned out what I wanted to do. Since it has this little "shelf" underneath I wanted to keep it, but we wanted to do something funky with it. We decided to put a push light in the little shelf area and keep it the same dark green color to give it contrast.

I really wanted to use & try chalk paint so I found Martha's Stewart chalk paint from Michaels (unable to find a link to the paint but i believe Micheals still sells it).

Bought some brushes & scrapers, tarps and stripper and we were ready to go. We also had to wait a bit for the weather to co-operate so we could do the stripping outside.

Refurbished Table Stripped.JPG

First we started stripping the paint. We put a tarp down and brought it outside, the first layer came off really well. As we went further down though that wasn't the case. It looked like there had been a few coats of paint from previous owners, and maybe even different kinds. So we called it quits after a while and hoped the paint would cover it. It was a sturdy table but it was delicate so we didn't want to strip it to much, plus the last layer was not coming off.

This is the stripper I bought and it was a great product! Strong smell but works really well. 

note: do the stripping outside in a backyard or garage, this can be extremely smelly and can damage floors/furniture if it gets on it. Plus you want & need a fair bit of room and the fresh air will help dry it out.

Table After Stripped & Sanded 3.JPG

Then we sanded it down, smooth as a babies bottom! It actually sanded really well, we used sand paper & a sand bar.


Now that it was dry, we brought it inside and it was ready to paint! I opted to use two colors because I wanted the darker color to peek through the lighter color. A little antiquing/sanding technique! I used a mint green & an ivory color. I wanted to keep it pastel & soft because that's more the look of my home & where I wanted to achieve.

I painted the mint green first and left an hour in between each coat (2 coats), I then painted the ivory color (1-2coats) waiting anhour in between. Now this paint covered AWESOME, it had a bit of a strong smell but went away after a little (or I just became immune to it). It's a thicker paint so it went on smooth and 1 coat would even do fine (this is not sponsored post, just really like the paint, but it is a bit on the expensive side).

After it was all dry and ready to go I sanded it a bit. To let the green show through and give a neat two-toned effect, and it turned out great. Leaving the inside "shelf" the original green worked to my advantage and actually paired nicely with the other colors.

I stuck the push light (purchased from the dollar store) with a little super glue (as the sticky strip it came with wasn't sticking properly) underneath and I called it finished.


Voila, a new painted/refinished table! I love it and I think it turned out pretty perfect for my first project.

I used it as my coffee station in my old apartment and it was perfect. As you've seen in pictures I didn't have a large kitchen, nor did I have a lot of "usable counter" space. So this was a blessing in disguise, I got my coffee corner and I got my counter. And now I have a stylish home made nightstand, a table of all trades.

See that coffee cup holder? I got it from another antique shop and thought it was perfect for all my mugs ( I seem to have a collection). I think I have a coffee mug, tea cup addiction, but whose admitting anything.

I used the shelf as a "extra" coffee supply holder. I put anything I usually use or need there for easy grabbing. Now I do have to admit I don't use the light all the much but when I do it looks great.

Nothing's complete without a little before and after action!

Untitled design.png

Doesn't it look awesome? That dark green though!?

This did take me a few days, with weather permitting and was relatively non-expensive. A great weekend project to take on and really easy once you get going, having some help might make it faster too!

Supplies Needed;

  • Table or Side table you are refinishing
  • Sander/Sand Paper
  • Stripper
  • Tarp 
  • Paint/Chalk Paint 
  • Brushes 
  • Scrapper 
  • Any decorative pieces or additions you are adding to your table

What do you guys think?!

Have you re purposed or refinished a piece of furniture? How did you do it & did it turn out?

As always thank you for reading! Liked this post? Please share it!