How to Shop Different Styles

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Hi friends!

Have you ever looked at an item or collection in a store and thought. I love that but it would never work in my home or with my style. 

Think again! 

Every piece depending on how you look at it, can work in any different style. Here are some examples of each and what to look for. 

You'll never look at a store or decor items the same again. 


Look for clean lines, simple, geometric shapes, smooth texture, or metallic colours with interesting textures & use of materials.



Look for different styles marrying into one. You'll notice that they all compliment each other but each piece is and can be apart of a different style. Keep an eye out for a variety of materials, finishes, textures, colours, etc. 



Look for raw & natural materials or handcrafted pieces. Like textured baskets, fur pillows or galvanized metal or stripped blankets. 



Look for minimal or simple pieces that have interesting shapes, add warmth , natural woods and black or white colours/pieces. Simple design yet cozy in atmosphere. 




Look for cozy materials with some textures and metals like leather, shag, or chrome. Very similar to farmhouse or modern with a warmer, homier feel. 



Look for classic pieces with delicate and interesting elements. Such as embroidery, etching, or lace, with a resemblance of an old or sophisticated look.


Using this tips and keeping these in mind when shopping, you can shop for any style anywhere. This will help take the stress off to find that perfect piece to fit any style, and give you confidence in shopping anywhere for exactly what you need. 

It's just how you look at things. That's like life too right?

What's your favourite style and how do you find pieces?