How To Solve A Bedroom Dilemma

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Happy TGIF my loves! 

It's almost Easter and it's a long weekend, what do you all have planned? I have our family dinner on sat but the rest of the weekend will be relaxing and low key.Which will be nice for a change!

I have been wanting to re-do my room and home because it just hasn't been feeling like me. Now if you catch me on Instagram and Facebook you will have already seen some sneak peeks! 

But today i wanted to go through and show you guys and tell you all that I am thinking.

I have been thinking how I can fix it to make it more functional and work better for me but the space is a bit awkward and small. Its been a bit of a challenge but I think I'm on the right track! 

With being back home I really wanted a space to make a space of my own. A bright, welcoming place of escape, sanctuary and femininity (while i still can haha). 


As you can see I wasn't lying when I said I had a small space to work with, but it's big enough that fit's everything I need. Hey there double closets ;)


This also double as my office! A space to work in and relax, so I need to find a creative way to separate but make the spaces flow. 

Here is my "jewelry corner", you can see the other one I created here.


My night stand is a re-purposed vintage table, that I found and refinished and you can see where it was before here.

Now you've seen my plain room, what do you think?

Here are some of idea's;

  • New Paint - White (bright clean and simple)
  • Move furniture around
  • New TV bench
  • New dresser
  • New curtains? Or removing curtain rod?
  • Add wood dream catcher/hanger from Etsy on gallery wall
  • Gallery Wall
  • Pastel colors & accessories

Some small changes but I think it will make a WORLD of difference!

I think I have a plan of action but the hardest part for this space is furniture and space planning. The way the room is designed is limited in how its planned out. So that might take a bit of trial and error. There are only 2 plugs in the room and where the TV is, it has to stay because of the cables. Plus with my bed being so long it's hard to position properly. Hmm decisions, decisions, wish me luck!

I'd love to bring you along on my journey! So I will be posting updates on the blog and how I made certain decisions as I go :). Can't wait for you to join me! You can also follow along with me on Instagram & Facebook too.

Stay tuned for next week! I have a room plan and a mood board coming your way!

What do you guys think? Any ideas?

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