How To Stylize Your Shelves Like A Pro

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Morning my decor lovers!

Have you ever been frustrated on how on earth you're going to make your shelf look like those amazing Pinterest styled shelves, you try to replicate it and then ended up hating it even more. #pinterestfail

Many reasons as to why, is people just don't break it down for you. You can copy all you want but if you don't understand why someone did what they did, then you won't be able to re-create it.

Well your in luck my friends, because today I am breaking it down for you! I am telling you the exact tricks on how to stylize your shelves like a styling queen and have people asking YOU how you did it. 

Alright let's get to it.


Style Me Pretty

Stylizing a shelf can seem a bit overwhelming but remembering these simple tips can have you styling shelves and bookcases in no time. Like it's your day job, sound good?

Height; Try stacking books and adding a candle on top or magazines with a cute ivy plant on top. Height will create visual appeal & visual balance on your shelves. 

Color; Stick to the same tone, color scheme of your room or maybe this is your way of adding color to your space. Add a few pops of color if you like with gold accessories, copper posts, colorful books, vases, picture frames etc. It will add character and be more pleasing to the eye.

Texture; Add baskets, leather book covers, shiny metals or anything that gives a texture/ It will feel like you want to go over and touch it. Adding texture will add character and interest to your shelving or book shelf. It can also help to change the atmosphere of the room depending on the texture used.

Natural; Bring some nature in is the way to go. This will not only add visual texture and appeal but will also make your space feel fresh and airy.

Art; Add printable art, family photos or photography in frames or on a stand or in a picture frame. Pair it with a candle or vase filled with flowers and you have yourself a little vignette! 

Small vignettes; These are fun to create and in groups of 3's will be the perfect touch for any shelf. Try stacking, placing beside each other in order of height, place your items anyway that works for you, the functionality and your eye.

Something Green; Add plants, succulents or flowers. Real or fake anything works! Adding greenery adds life, oxygen and who doesn't love a cute little low maintenance plant?

Balance; This is the most important! is not only visually appealing but will make everything feel balanced and in place. Balance light and heavy, dark & light, neutral and color so everything works together in harmony.

Your personal touch; Don't forget about you!! Add personal pieces, add memories, favorite pictures, your children's art or your prized possessions. Anything that speaks to you or that you love, add it!! Don't be shy my friends, also remember you don't always have to buy new!

Just remember that less is more, you don't want to go overboard here. You want it to feel balanced, comfortable and not to heavy so keep it light and don't fill every "white space". It's all about you and what feels right to you. It may take you a few times or some fiddling but you will find the perfect arrangement with these simple steps.


Alright you all ready to make your shelves look like a pro came in with her cape and costume, did her superhero magic and flew out without anyone noticing? I know I do!

With these tips you'll be having people ogling over your shelves in no time at all.

Let me know how it went and hey even sending pictures is awesome too!


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