How Your Home Design Affects Mindset

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Hi my beautiful friends!

It's been a little while, after coming home from England, getting back into reality, playing catch up and getting things organized. I have to say its been a wonderful time away. Time to decompress, shut off from social media and business fun and let the creative mind and workaholic self rest.

I am feeling recharged and looking at a few different ways to add more, self reflection, appreciation and time off of social media (that's a whole blog post in itself he he). I found I really appreciate the small things and came home loving every little thing. It gave time for self reflection and my creativity a new look.

I love making time for myself and the things that make me happy. I wasn't getting a good balance before and it was really starting to affect me more then I understood.

Do you take time for reflection? Do you journal or create a space in your home that's yours to just relax and decompress?

I find escaping to my room or to nature really helps me connect and fill up again.

"Your home can affect your mindset too.:"

If you don't have a space you love then it can affect your mood or how you treat your home. Which entails comes back to how you feel and how you take care of yourself.

There are some things that can affect your space and your mood and you can easily change them. 

Want to know these things? I got you.

Clutter: Clutter and mess can make you feel stressed and lazy. You really want to have it all clean and organized but It can seem daunting. It can affect your mindset by feeling less motivated and negative towards any new activities or events. Feeling less than willing to host parties or have friends over because your self conscious they will be looking at the clutter. 

Solution: Get storage containers and labels and put things away. Out of site, out of mind = a happy home, a happy heart.

Organization: Can make you feel productive and ready to take on a new task at any moment. Organizing your space, your paper work, your office,  or even your front hall can make you love the space your in and give you a feeling of determination and ease.

Paint Color: You can feel cold and unhappy or you can feel warm and enthusiastic. Depending on the color and shade you choose can really determine your mood. For example; if you love blues but you choose a safe beige and you wished you didn't, you can feel bland and colorless. Where as if you choose a navy blue or a pale blue if can make you feel warm and light. A quick  new coat of paint can really make ALL the difference.

Light: Natural light, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. You don't have to have them all but at least try for three,  or you may feel your space isn't giving its full potential. Open those windows and let that natural light shine in, it can give you a little mood boost (especially after the winter seasons) , make sure to have enough light for tasks so you don't feel strained or frustrated, and get those dimmer switches in to control the atmosphere of the space! That can really set the mood.

Accessories & Furniture: If you choose pieces that "looked good" but have no meaning or are outdated. You will love your space less, feel unmotivated and even ashamed of your home. Changing furniture (splurging or not) and changing accessories or pieces that mean something to you can change your entire mindset. You will feel proud to show your space off and talk about what you found, how you found it and what it means to you.

Even the slightest change can change the whole atmosphere and you may not even realize it. It can swing your mood from negative to positive and really help you relax and feel rejuvenated once the new day begins.

Your friends and family might start seeing a change in your mood, appearance, demeanor and the way your present yourself. If your proud of your space people will see & know it. You will start finding you'll be entertaining more, or inviting friends over or just becoming all around happier.

Remember how I said up above about feeling ashamed about your home? Well I have something to help you with that! 

How to get rid of Home Shame series! Yes it does come with a free printable at the very end, so you'll want to check this bad boy out.

I have found through loving my space it has made my mood and atmosphere so much better. Plus it gives me a space to be me and just relax and enjoy.

Adding scents you enjoy, baking, Himalayan salt candles/lights, incents, cute accessories and pillows, even a simple fluffy through can change everything.

Do you find your mindset changes, if your house isn't designed to fit you?

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