IKEA's New Smart Lighting Collection

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Hi friends!

Oh today I have a really exciting post! So I'm not sure if you know this but I LOVE IKEA, like it's my soul mate. Is that weird?

Besides the good food its a one stop shop for everything home related, it's great for first or forever homes, rentals, kid's going off to school, and kid's rooms. The stuff they have is so fun and different, although sometimes it's hard to figure out and put together for the most part it's easy breezy.

Now when it comes to lighting this place has a plethora of options, I'm talking table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, under cabinet lighting etc.

Well how sweet would it be if you could control your lighting with a dimmer. Now I know I know, that includes an electrician, rewiring and all that jazz. Who wants to do that am I right?

Your in for a real treat then, because Ikea has a solution for that and has come out with the new Smart Lighting Collection! This will launch across Canada on April 1st. Now friends let me tell you that this thing looks pretty sweet!!!

You can control the atmosphere and strength of your light remotely. Without the hiring of an electrician or rewiring, say wha?!

Yup I know.

It's all controlled in the TRÅDFRI LED light bulb, so all you need to do is replace your current light blubs with these and your set to go.


With this collection they will also be launching panels and doors but those will be launched in Canada in the fall of 2017. I know, I know but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!

They have also created an APP! Yea just take all my money.

"On April 1st, IKEA takes the next step in the smart home journey by releasing its first completely digital home furnishing product. The TRÅDFRI app allows people to design their lighting the way they want through their phone or tablet. The app is part of the new Smart Lighting collection which includes solutions for dimming lighting, switching from warm to cold light, remote steering and personalization of lighting."

"We’re thrilled to introduce the new TRÅDFRI app as part of the innovative Smart Lighting collection," says Mathias Karlsson, Lighting Sales Leader, IKEA Canada. "With the TRÅDFRI app, customers will be able to personalize their lighting and set it for different moods. For instance they can choose a light setting for early mornings, another for late evenings and a third for cooking or working at home. Just as with our other Smart Lighting products, we’ve strived to make the app as simple and easy to use as possible. We hope our customers will be excited about the new collection and app."

So how cool and budget friendly is this new lighting collection? To now control your lighting from just a change of a light bulb and the touch of a switch.

I say pretty freaking cool.

I'm just going to put these here, and let you drool a bit more. #you'rewelcome


Oh Ikea, your innovations, products and food just keep amazing me. Don't every stop ok? I think I'll be getting a few of these myself :)

Where would you put this in your home? Are you as excited as I am?

Disclaimer: This is not an affiliate post and I did not make any commission of making this. I just love ikea and got sent the launch of the new product and had to share!

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