My Design Decor Process

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Good Morning my lovely people,

How are you this fine day? Anyone loving the fact that we are FINALLY graced with summer weather, no more jackets or boots but the flip flops and bikini's and shorts come out. I am always the happiest this time of year, because its warm and sunny out and I can be outside without worrying I'll freeze my butt off.

It's always fun reading those behind the scene posts or seeing how people do their projects behind the computer. So today I wanted to do a fun post and show you a bit on how my design process works.


Usually what I do first is get to know the client, build a relationship. What better what to figure out what they like then asking questions and getting to know them on a more personal level. You build that comfort level & trust first.

Next I send them a questionnaire. I ask them the specifics to really find out what they want to achieve in their home/room.

We schedule our first meeting. First call (if it's E-Design) or our first face-to face (In Home) and we have our first 1 hr. consultation to talk it out, figure out our path, colors, inspiration and what they have for their home goals.


Then comes DESIGNING! This is where I have fun and really love this part. I start with an mood board to find out what they want the room to look & feel like. This lays out the starting line and gives the client an idea of what direction the room is going in, and if they like it!

I then sourceI find particular furniture that would work in the space or that they already own and want to use.

Here is the cool part of the whole process, designing it 3D! I use Google Sketchup for all my 3D designs and its so easy to pop up quickly and show a quick overview. I have also found that MyDoma is a SUPER awesome tool to have, it is a designer/decorators dream one stop shop for you & the client. We're all about making it easy aren't we?

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People tend to be visual so to see a space either in the inspiration part or mid-design, helps them visualize that their dream room can come to life.

I send a few different options. to the client and have them approve or not which they like best. This is the time where we can pick and choose from rooms and finalize the BEST option and the closet to what they dreamt of.

Lastly I create a final 3D design and after approval I get to work! We can either have a shopping trip together or if we are hours apart. I will send you a complete list of all you need to get with where and how much to keep within budget.

After all is said and done and reveal day has come and gone. I will have a 30 day check in! To see how much you are loving your room and how well it's working for you & your family.

"It's so fun getting to work with people and finding out what they're true style is and letting it shine in their home. Without the pressure's of comparison or pinterest hurting how we feel about our own home."

I love helping people feel comfortable and confident in their homes. I also love letting you in on what I do, you share with me so I share with you!

In the process of renovating or want to redecorate your living room, bedroom or child's room? Don't know what you can start or need a guiding hand? Book your 1 hr. free consultation and let's make your dreams a reality. 

Or If you aren't in need of a guiding hand. My Decor Organizer might just be the perfect book to help you in your Decorating/Renovating journey. Check it out here!

I hope this post helped you get to know me a bit more and get to know what I do behind the computer! It's always cool to see what someone else does or get an inside peak at something you don't always get to see.

Now it's time to tell me about you!?

**Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post, I am just expressing the tools and techniques I use that help me in my designing for my clients. I am in no way getting payment for this post, I only share what I most find valuable and love to all my readers.


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