My Top Tricks To Finding Home Accessories & Antiques

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How are we this fine morning?! I so apologize for my online silence, but I am back now and back with vengeance! I missed you guys so I couldn't stay away any longer! How have you all been? Using your super powers to crazy heights yet?

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Today I wanted to bring you a special post and a fun post at that! I am giving you my top tips on how to find vintage treasures & home decor accessories. I partnered up with Invaluable an awesome site that has just about any art, décor or vintage piece you can imagine to bring you this post.

Place's to go;

Thrift Stores; These are great to find those hidden gem's, now I know sometimes they have a bad rep. But give it a chance and be open minded you can find some really great things at great prices.

Online; The internet has SOO much to offer, you can search Ebay, Craig's list, Kijiji, and more for exactly what you're looking for. Now there is the factor of shipping, waiting and currency. But when you're looking for a specific piece or you found exactly what you are looking for. It's worth the wait and every penny. Its also extremely convenient and you won't be as overwhelmed as you would be looking retail and being bombarded with options and sales people.

Craft Stores; Yup, they have some décor accessories in weird places. Even craft store you say? Of course! Then you can go hunt around and find things to make your own, how good is that?

Etsy; If your looking for one of a kind, hand made, vintage or décor accessories. This may be your treasure trove! I love looking around and finding local or independent artists, creative's or sellers that no one else will have.

Ikea; This is the IT place for any first time owner or renter, heck for anyone! Its affordable, convenient and easy (semi) to build. They have neat, interesting and trendy décor pieces. This is my first stop shop for anything and everything, until I need a more specific piece.

Local Shops; Support our local creators & businesses? Yes please! Plus you get unique, hand made stuff no one else will have #winning. There could be treasures awaiting that you don't even know about.

Vintage Markets & Stores; These are my all time favorite places to go. You can spend hours here, and even see new things the second time around. Try to bargain or negotiate if you can, you can get even more for a better price. You won't know until you try!

Using your super powers;

Follow your Gut; If your gut says no then walk away, if your gut gets happy butterfly's grab it, if your gut says think about it and you think about it the whole time go back and get it. Listen to yourself, you know your scheme and space so if it's right it'll tell you.

Know your style; Figure out what makes your lifestyle and family happy. Find out what pieces work for your home and make you smile. There is no right or wrong here, your style is yours so run with it. Once you figured that out then you can start searching for those style of pieces.

Choose a Color Scheme; This is important, choosing a color will lay the foundation for the space & atmosphere you want to create. Once you've chosen that, choosing accessories will be easy.

If you feel all the butterfly's and happy feels, buy it; need I say more?

Don't wait; When it comes to vintage and antique markets, you can't wait or come back. They get some much new overturn that I guarantee if you want it'll be scooped up or gone.

"I love hunting and trying to find the right pieces. Sometimes I stumble upon something I didn't even think of! When you just go to look around my advice is this; be open minded to what you can find and their use."

My secret treasure coves;

400 Market; From antiques, food, toys, household items, unique accessories and more. This place has it all, and in the summer's they even have outdoor vendors to check out too!

Aberfoyle Antique Market; Now this one is one of my favorites, it has so many shops and things to choose from. You can find anything and everything at this place. It is all outdoor so make sure the weather's nice but you'll miss out if you don't check this off your list.

Southworks Antiques; This place has hidden corners and 1 long top floor of so many things.

One Of A Kind Mall; This was my very first antique mall I went to (found off instagram from a friend) and this is one of the best. It has 3 floors of little things, bigger pieces and furniture. You can even find wood and building materials!

Freelton Antique Mall; 2 floors of treasures and the friendliest staff to boot!

Waterford Antique Market; This one is a hidden gem, in the middle of no where you could miss out. 2 building of not just antiques but fun finds, furniture, home décor and more.

Don't forget your room measurements, tape measure, pen/pencil and a camera/handy dandy phone :).

Want more great info? Check out Invaluable's post about Top U.S Towns For Summer Antiquing it's got fun places and even more great tips. I have a similar post on Selecting The Right Accessories here which you can read as well!

Tell me some of your techniques!

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