My Trip To England

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Good Morning my lovely people!

Well I said about a yearish ago and promised you a post of my England trip. Now I FINALLY have it for you! Better late then never I guess!

I spent a wonderful 2 weeks in Bournemouth just 2.5 hours north of London. Near the coast of England, let me tell you is was beautiful.

I think my favorite part about England was the old buildings and architecture they so value there. The people are so proper and properly dressed. Nothing seemed out of place and I seemed to catch onto it pretty quickly, you really notice how different cultures are. Being back home, unfortunately I have my bad habits back but let's see if I can change that.

So as soon as I got there I jumped off the plane, gave my friend the biggest hug and off we went to the city of London. Now it was a bit of a blur (long overnight flights are not that fun) but I did happen to see the London Eye, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace.

Now I'm going to be honest, as much as I see the palace on TV it was not as extravagant as we had thought. It might of been that we were tired, that we didn't do the long drive up the path, or because we literally got out of the car and it was right there. Still though, the anticipation was not a grand as I hoped, now don't get me wrong it's still beautiful and the inside would be amazing! But it disappointed me that the soldiers do not stand outside the gates in red uniforms, they stand inside the gate by the palace and they were in grey. Not what you see on TV! 

Then we jetted off home, as I crashed in the car. I woke up to beautiful scenery and pulling up to my home for the next 2 weeks. It was a little overwhelming but all so exciting. After not seeing my girlfriend for 10 years it was surreal to be sitting right in front of her and talking like it was just yesterday we saw each other.

For Monday & Tuesday we had decided that those days would be our road trip days! We traveled the Cotswold's and the country side of England. 500-600 miles later (1000 km) and let me tell you it was something to talk about, beautiful. We stopped off at some sights along the way and stayed in a beautiful Manor House (where we of course upgraded our room) for one night. We then traveled to Bath and made our way back home.

Bath was amazing, it felt like you were in Venice but you never left England. The architecture, buildings and shops were impeccable. Leave it too me to find a Starbucks wherever I go, I of course had to take a picture. 


We also visited my FAVORITE stop along the trip. Stonehenge was incredible, the atmosphere and energy there is something I can't explain but I urge you to experience once in your life. Its beautiful, serene, and spiritual. Now you can't get right up close anymore but still close enough! With lots of history and a beautiful site to see I was happy to check this off my list.

By the end of Tuesday we were both exhausted! We might of gone too hard to fast but I wouldn't have changed it. The country side, old buildings, architecture, villages, and homes were a sight to see. Something we don't get much of here at home.

Wednesday/Thursday we just had relaxing days in with drives around town.

Friday was our first night out on the town and let me tell you the nightlife is a lot different! They start early and go late :). It was so cool to see the different culture and places to go.

During the weekend we had a roast dinner and spent time with her family. Which was so nice to see them after it being so long. 


We also went to visit the Manor House but unfortunately most of the house was closed due to "off season"/maintenance. But we still got to see the outside & grounds of the home, what a way to live.


Also some of the sites and castles we wanted to see were also closed for maintenance. I was a bit disappointed but my fault as well for not checking! That just means I'll have to come back another time :)


Monday (the next week) we visited the coast line and the town of Bournemouth. With shopping, candy shops, art gallery's, and the beach I loved it!


Tues & Wed were free days! So I choose to stay in & relax while they went back to work. Hey what are vacations for?!

Thursday her boyfriend took me to Christchurch, Durdle Door, and Colf Castle (ruins). Of course I had to try an English pastry from a little village bakery. Colf Castle was pretty cool, you could go in and walk around but because we had planned on other castle ruins the next day, we just checked it out from afar. Gosh I love castles.


Next was Durdle Door now this was beautiful, it was a natural man made rock formation and cove. It was a calm and serene place. You could travel down to the bottom but we didn't have proper shoes on and it was super muddy on the stairs down (and no hand rails ahhh!) So we looked at it from above. So stunning.


Friday we met up in Christchurch with Sarah and went for a nice lunch, walked the pier with ice cream, and then off to High Calf Castle me and her boyfriend went. It was a nice place but again most of it was closed. So we walked the grounds and went down to the rock beach at the bottom! It was so pretty, a little chilly, but I ended up finding some cool rocks & sea shells.


Then Saturday came my last day in London! We decided as my last day we would travel to London and check out Harrods! Now this place was good, an art deco department store and it was huge! Let me tell you there were some amazing stores and some EXPENSIVE things. Like *shut down the shop so celebrities can walk around and buy solid gold tables and statues*.



It was so beautiful at night and it was lite up on the outside, talk about a show stopper.

We then heading for my last meal in England we found a pub near my hotel (I decided on a hotel right by the airport for my last night to spare them driving and waking up super early in the morning for my flight). I had traditional fish and chips and finished off with a cherry pie (which I could not finish as it was really sweet and filling and wasn't just a piece of pie it was a mini pie) but dang was it good!


Then Sunday came and I was on my way home, First class might I add I treated myself and upgraded! Now it's going to be hard not to fly first class..whoops.

 This trip was not only to get away, reconnect, and relax.


It was a trip to find myself and have time with me for the first time in a while. From the overwhelming end of my 2016/2017 busy schedules, I really didn't have much time for me.

This time away however let me really connect and come down from all of that, and it was a chance to let go, experience things on my own, and come to terms with some feelings and thoughts.

It was a trip to remember, a trip of a lifetime and a time to shut off from the world and heal. To let me know I am strong, and plus that I can fly across the world by myself! HUGE for me.


I grew as a person and learnt that IT'S OK. This trip was LONG awaited, needed, and now past but I will never EVER forget it.

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom, I know that was a long one but I hope you enjoyed it!!

I have to plan another one soon..